USAY represents the unions, not the students

February 26, 2002 • 0
I have spent the better part of my three and a half years at Yale working with administrators and representing the student body, but you will not find my name anywhere among the 3,017 signatures submitted to University President Richard Levin on Friday by the “United Students at Yale.” USAY claims to represent students at »

YCC: fighting apathy and working for a better Yale

June 10, 2001 • 0
My student government experience at Yale has been a far cry from the prom-planning days of my high school student council back in Michigan. I served as the vice president of the Yale College Council this year, and for the first time administrators respect and consider my thoughts and opinions. No matter how well-meaning YCC »

Standing committees amplify student voice

February 26, 2001 • 1
Most Yalies seem to fall into one of two categories: Those for whom “student voice” has become a catch phrase nearly devoid of true meaning and separate from the reality of campus life, and those who could care less what “student voice” means and whether or not we have an institutionalized voice as undergraduates. To »