Libresco: The game’s not worth the risk

November 19, 2010
Yale students wouldn’t turn out to spectate and cheer for a car accident, so why is our campus so excited for football? On Saturday, when our team goes out to roughhouse poor old Harvard, the members of the football team may be inflicting and sustaining injuries that could have long-lasting effects. Football’s head-to-head collisions can »

Libresco: Against action-packed arguments

November 9, 2010
October was Breast Cancer Month, and the events at Yale were similar to those across the country: fundraisers, as well as awareness campaigns built around saucy double (or single) entendres. Unfortunately, there were also anti-scientific editorials. The Yale Herald ran an op-ed by Pooja Verramilli slamming new recommendations by the United States Prevention Services Task »

Libresco: The wrong side of history

October 25, 2010
I don’t blame you if you got whiplash trying to follow this week’s fallout from U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillip issuing an injunction against the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. As of press time, the military is back to booting out gay recruits. Why? The Obama administration persuaded the Ninth Circuit Court to issue »

Libresco: When debates go sour

October 8, 2010
While checking Facebook during the Yale Political Union debate between Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom to Marry, and Maggie Gallagher, a leader from the National Organization for Marriage, I was pleased to see a steady stream of debate-related statuses. As the night went on, the tenor of the statuses from my mostly liberal friends began »

Libresco: Out of the driver’s seat

October 1, 2010
When I got an internship in Washington D.C. for the summer, my parents made it absolutely clear that I had an unlimited budget for late night cab rides. “We don’t want you walking home in the dark,” my parents said. “If you’re going to be walking alone late at night, even if you know the »

Libresco: Making the case for math

September 3, 2010
Perhaps this is an unpopular idea during shopping period, when every required class seems deliberately placed at the same time as your favorite seminar, but Yale is absolutely right to include a quantitative reasoning requirement. Unfortunately, undergraduates and freshmen in particular have far too little information about which classes to pick. The math placement tests »

Libresco: Lobbying the Council

April 16, 2010
The results of the Yale College Council runoff are in, and most of Yale is still probably feeling slightly let down. For a runoff, the stakes felt surprisingly low. The two candidates were separated by only two votes in the first stage of elections, and it was clear to anyone reading the News’ endorsements of »

Libresco: Time for a real break

March 5, 2010
Spring break starts tomorrow, but it doesn’t feel like a break to me. With final papers looming (and summer job applications I’ve fallen behind on), my two weeks are already booked. Spring break isn’t really a vacation; it’s just two weeks of work without classes or community. When will Yale learn? I don’t want a »

Libresco: A trivial pursuit

February 19, 2010
My favorite response when I was on the “Jeopardy! College Championship” was to the prompt: “The book of Mark recounts how believers, including Jesus, were baptized in the Jordan River by this man. The second the go-lights came on, I buzzed: ‘Who is John the Baptist?’ I liked the question because I was hoping that »

Libresco: For a paper in print

February 1, 2010
As a New York Times reader, I can’t sleep in on Fridays, even if I don’t have class, because I know, if I am too late, the newspaper racks will be empty. Perhaps you’ve spotted me in Commons on those days when I’ve overslept. I’m the frazzled looking girl with hair sticking up every which »

Libresco: Train for America

January 15, 2010
During the hustle and bustle of shopping period, it’s easy to forget that we have decisions to make aside from choosing classes. But, in a few weeks, all of the frantic chattering about seminar admissions will give way to discussion of summer internships and jobs. The seniors who kept us out of seminars will no »

Libresco: Shirts hide our best selves

November 20, 2009
The Freshman Class Council has finally resolved its T-shirt troubles, substituting a generic anti-Harvard logo for a problematic F. Scott Fitzgerald line calling Harvard men sissies. The quote and the T-shirt drew fire from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Cooperative, since the word sissy has been used as a slur against gay men or »