Divinity School pushes diversity

September 26, 2014
Yale Divinity School (YDS) is on its way to reaching its diversity goals, but the road ahead is long.

Yale-NUS changes course on banned film

September 19, 2014
Two days after saying they planned to show a film banned in the rest of Singapore, Yale-NUS administrators have adjusted their plans.

Yale-NUS to show banned film

September 18, 2014
Despite a national ban in Singapore, Yale-NUS is pressing ahead with its plans to show a film that has been deemed by the Singaporean government as a threat to the country’s security.

Law school pushes student financial literacy

September 17, 2014
In a little over a month, Yale Law School students will be crowding a classroom to learn how to revamp their wardrobes.

Going global, SOM seeks feedback

September 11, 2014
Edward Snyder, dean of the Yale School of Management, plans to meet with 1,000 people this fall.

SOM grows its campus-wide courses

September 4, 2014
The Yale School of Management, after opening its new building this year, is throwing its doors open to the entire Yale campus.

Doubling in size, Yale-NUS student body thrives

September 3, 2014
As Yale-NUS settles into its second academic year, new people and new ideas are arriving on the Singaporean campus.

SOM professor’s lawsuit moves forward

August 28, 2014
School of Management professor Constance Bagley’s lawsuit against the University is one step closer to trial.
Previously, the Schell Center mainly served students at the Yale Law School (pictured above).

Human rights program debuts for undergrads

August 28, 2014
Next spring, undergraduates will have the opportunity to enroll in a special academic program in human rights.

Largest class ever comes to SOM

August 27, 2014
Today marks the first day of class for the Yale School of Management’s largest-ever student body.

Yale hosts new African leadership program

August 22, 2014
This summer, 25 young business leaders from Africa arrived on Yale’s campus to engage in a six-week program centered on business, entrepreneurship and community service.

Yale to open center in China

April 30, 2014
Yale will open a center onsite in China called the Yale Leadership Center in Beijing.