FFY confronts Corporation, calls for change

February 27, 2015 • 0
Though the meetings of the Yale Corporation may be shrouded in secrecy, Fossil Free Yale’s opinion of the body has been made plain and clear.

In code of conduct debate, questions over FAS Senate’s role emerge

February 26, 2015 • 0
Though the newly created Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate will not hold its first session for another six months, the body is already facing its first test of power.

Medical Campus Data Center to close

February 24, 2015 • 0
After 15 years, the Yale Medical Campus Data Center will power down for good.

Campus hit by wave of leaks

February 23, 2015 • 0
Several buildings on campus suffered from pipe breakages and water leaks this weekend.

Task force unveils sustainability winners

February 23, 2015 • 0
One solution to reducing Yale’s carbon footprint may be as simple as turning off the lights.

New administrative platform to see July launch

February 20, 2015 • 0
For the first time in over a decade, Yale’s administrative software system, which controls the University’s core financial and human resources systems, will be replaced.

Yale launches minority outreach program in STEM

February 19, 2015 • 0
In an effort to create greater student diversity in the sciences at Yale, the University has looked abroad for inspiration.

Study questions divestment’s costs

February 18, 2015 • 0
The cost of divestment may be too high for institutions to bear, according to a study published last week by researchers from Compass Lexecon, an economic consulting firm.

Juniors allowed to opt out of society tap

February 17, 2015 • 0
For the first time in recent history, the class of 2016 has been offered the chance to “tap out” of senior societies.

FFY postpones Global Divestment Day action

February 13, 2015 • 0
With the first-ever Global Divestment Day scheduled for this weekend, Fossil Free Yale looks to revive the campus push for divestment. But it remains unclear if, and when, their efforts will come to fruition.

$57.1 million music complex slated to begin construction

February 12, 2015 • 0
After nearly 20 years of planning and false starts, a $57.1 million complex for the Yale School of Music is poised to become reality.

With strong stock market performance, Yale model scrutinized

February 10, 2015 • 0
With some smaller, less highly managed endowments outperforming Yale in 2014, debate over the University’s reliance on alternative investments has once again surfaced.