McCall: Tell me how to vote, but not for whom

November 12, 2008 • 6
On Election Day morning at 8 a.m, I left my room in Swing Space to go to Commons for breakfast before class. I found a flyer on my door telling me to vote today, helpfully informing me of when and where I should do so. “How great!” I thought. “Some group on campus is spreading »

Yale’s athletes, both recruited and not, anything but ‘substandard’

April 18, 2008 • 3
Like the majority of Yale’s undergraduate population, I was not a recruited athlete. And, like everyone else here, I understand that our campus population is made up of varsity athletes and “non-athletes.” Yet many of these “non-athletes” were varsity athletes in high school, myself included, and still play club and intramural sports here. It is »