Club sports offer Yalies a competitive alternative

June 30, 2002
For those Yalies who want the satisfaction of serious athletic competition without the time commitment trappings of a varsity program, club sports offer the perfect solution. From badminton and lacrosse to tae kwon do and ultimate Frisbee, there are over 30 club sports to choose from. Club soccer, for example, offers a less intense version »

Abortion clinic move faces opposition

April 24, 2002
Summit Women’s Health Center faces one of its most important battles to date. Currently located in a somewhat abandoned area of Middle Street in Bridgeport, Summit is scheduled to move into a newly renovated location on Main Street within the next two weeks. A pending zoning appeal filed by City Council President John Fabrizi, scheduled »

Tax returns trouble international Yalies

April 15, 2002
While many Yalies are slaving away on senior essays and summer job interviews, others are just getting over an even greater nuisance. April 15 is the deadline for filing taxes, and many international students are breathing a sigh of relief that the process is over. Most American Yalies interviewed confessed they’d never done their own »

Big cigarette tax hike starts today

April 3, 2002
A month ago, a pack of cigarettes was at least 61 cents cheaper and about a tenth of a mile further away. Now, A-One Pizza Restaurant on Broadway is selling cigarettes — ending a half-year cigarette drought on campus, but a 61-cent increase in cigarette tax goes into effect today. “Neither the tax increase nor »

Yalie stars in reality TV show

March 4, 2002
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters. And this 5-foot-4-inch Bulldog had enough talent to have his “fight” aired on national television. After 2000 miles and six months of secrecy, John Hodges’ EPH ’01 adventure as one of 15 competitors on »

Book Haven remembers its Yale roots

February 15, 2002
Becky Feinberg ’01 apologizes as she’s about to sit down for an interview. “I’m sorry, I have to use the bathroom.” She scurries to the bathroom in the basement of Yorkside Pizza, and five minutes later she’s back. At her desk in Book Haven, that is. “We don’t have our own bathroom,” said Feinberg, the »

Life in the colleges is a family affair

January 23, 2002
Timothy Quimby has been living at Yale for a year, and he’s never passed a class. Actually, he’s never taken a class. He’s the 4-year-old son of Davenport College Dean Peter Quimby. The families of college masters and deans are part of the rich fabric of the Yale community. While some colleges have single deans »

Yalies in New York visit ground zero

January 14, 2002
This first winter break after Sept. 11 was a time for serious and solemn reflection by many students, especially New Yorkers. Many visited ground zero for the first time over winter break or wandered through the new “Faces of Ground Zero,” memorial in Grand Central Terminal as part of that process. Some students found their »

Yale men lay down their Mach3s

November 30, 2001
The longer the better. At least this November for a group of bearded Yale men — and their groupies. The November Beard Club (NBC) is a group of Yalies who came together this month to celebrate facial hair by educating themselves on beard growth and conditioning. Members said they also revel in male solidarity and »

The online facebook: a sketchy man’s best friend

November 6, 2001
For administrators, “facebook” is a noun. For students, it is a verb, and an active one at that. Providing endless hours of eye candy (and some useful information), the online facebook has become the new “hook-up” Bible for many Yalies. From searching for potential screw dates to using it to rule out an already-planned screw »

Senior Council quickly relocates masquerade ball

October 26, 2001
After responding to an e-mail protest with some quick maneuvering, the Senior Class Council averted a boycott of this weekend’s Senior Masquerade Ball, which organizers said will attract more than 800 people. The ball is the latest and one of the most popular items in the yearlong calendar of senior events, which have met with »

Flower guy offers Yalies little buds of wisdom

October 10, 2001
More than just flowers fill that familiar booth that once sat on the corner of York and Broadway. Outside the post office is a street vendor who also happens to be a marathon runner, author, traveler, armchair philosopher and lover of life. The “flower guy,” John Lynch, offers Yalies a different perspective on life, Yale »