MIT dean of admissions confesses fraud, resigns

April 27, 2007 • 0
Marilee Jones, dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., resigned Wednesday after university officials discovered she had fabricated her academic credentials. Jones’ resume stated that she had earned degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Union College and Albany Medical College, but MIT administrators said these were all false claims. After receiving »

‘Likely letters’ part of Yale’s admit strategy

April 26, 2007 • 0
For most high school seniors waiting to hear back from Ivy League colleges this year, March 29 was the day circled in red on the calendar. But relief arrived unexpectedly early for some students like Rui Bao, who received the coveted, yet somewhat mythical, wink from Yale: the likely letter. In late February, Bao first »

Group targets fin. aid

April 18, 2007 • 0
A student group concerned about Yale’s financial aid policies handed out flyers describing possible difficulties with aid to prefrosh and their parents at Bulldog Days events this week. The concerns of Yale Students for Financial Aid Reform included Yale’s trailing Harvard and Princeton universities in aid packages, alleged examples of students leaving school because of »

Simon winner targets poverty

April 17, 2007 • 0
Rebekah Emanuel ’07 was named the national winner of the Simon Fellowship this week, an award of $40,000 to recognize and support her “noble purpose.” Each year, the William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose designates one $40,000 recipient and two $5,000 recipients from among a pool of over 1,000 current college seniors nationwide. Emanuel, »

Recruiting goes online

April 16, 2007 • 0
Admissions officers will soon be able to view personal profiles of prospective college applicants beginning as early as freshman year of high school, thanks to a new Web site aiming to improve the college recruitment process., the brainchild of Princeton University sophomore and Zinch founder and president Mick Hagen, allows high school students to »

Stanford adopts Common App to make application simpler for students

April 11, 2007 • 0
Students applying to Stanford University will now be able to use the Common Application, and regular decision applications will now be due on Jan. 1. Stanford Dean of Admissions Richard Shaw announced this week that the decision is meant to make the application process more convenient for students, who previously were required to complete a »

Columbia aid officer faces scandal

April 10, 2007 • 0
Most loan-burdened college students expect help from their financial aid officers. Few expect those officers to line their pockets with profits from the loan companies they recommend to students. But that is exactly what happened at Columbia University, where Executive Director of Financial Aid David Charlow allegedly collected more than $100,000 from the sale of »

Eli named Student Employee of the Year

April 9, 2007 • 0
Jared van der Linden ’07: Doing his part to prevent the emergence of three-eyed fish, one orgo beaker at a time. This month, van der Linden was named the 2007 Student Employee of the Year for both Yale University and the state of Connecticut. Following guidelines from the National Student Employee Association, Yale’s Student Employment »

Yale’s Rhodes winners defend Oxford studies

April 9, 2007 • 0
After a recent Harvard Crimson column warned future Rhodes Scholars about the miserable experience to be found at Oxford, current scholar Chelsea Purvis ’06 felt immediate indignation at the writers’ “attitude of ingratitude and entitlement.” “There are problems at every university and imperfections in every city, but if the writers never even gathered realistic information »

University to require only two SAT subject tests rather than previous three

April 6, 2007 • 0
Students applying to Yale will now only have to submit scores for two, not three, SAT subject tests, the admissions office announced today. Since the introduction of the writing section to the SAT I test in March 2005, the College Board, which administers the SAT, has ceased to offer the SAT Writing subject test. Because »

Minority admit data not released

April 6, 2007 • 1
Harvard recently touted its admitted class as the most diverse in the university’s history, but the ethnic makeup of Yale’s accepted students remains a mystery. Yale releases just a single percentage — the proportion of its admitted students who self-identify as minorities — while other schools, such as Harvard University, specifically state the percentage of »

Princeton’s admit rate falls after apps hit record high

April 4, 2007 • 0
Princeton’s admit rate dropped 0.7 percent to an all-time low 9.5 percent this year, in line with unprecedented numbers of applications and record low acceptance rates for all the Ivies except Yale. Princeton administrators announced Monday that they accepted 1,791 of 18,942 applicants for the class of 2011, an applicant pool that increased 8 percent »