Gallagher: A Moving Message

January 22, 2010
Thirty-six years ago today, the Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of Roe v. Wade, discovering an emanation from the penumbras of the Fourteenth Amendment that guaranteed the right to legal abortion. Every year since then, anti-abortion protesters have marked the anniversary of that decision by flocking to Washington for the National March »

Gallagher: The mister in Mr. Yale

November 19, 2009
I do not know Jen Ivers ’10, still less do I bear her any ill-will, and I am comfortably committed to the principle that the sexual lives of others are none of my business. There’s nothing remarkable about a woman who flouts traditional notions of gender on a campus where masculine women and effeminate men »

Gallagher: A holiday between life and death

October 30, 2009
It was around midnight, and I was finishing some work in the Pierson dining hall, when I looked up from my laptop to see a skeleton tangled in one of the chandeliers. And the thought suddenly struck me: so much of what we do around the end of October is really, really strange. How else »

Gallagher: Safety first, Yale

October 22, 2009
I had no part in bladderball’s return to campus. And I had my reasons for staying out of it. It was Parents’ Weekend, and my parents and my young brother were visiting. They were, I have to admit, a little disappointed not to have witnessed such a spirited and storied tradition. But let’s be realistic. »

Gallagher: A debate worthy of our generation

October 8, 2009
If I say that we are a bored and boring generation, that we are unexcited and have little to be excited about, you can be forgiven for assuming that I’m out of touch, or at least unusually jaded. Our generation, you might say, is perfectly capable of getting excited, and has more than enough to »

Gallagher: Bright college crisis

September 23, 2009
The first few weeks of a new school year are a time for 11th-hour changed majors, for resigning yourself to the doldrums of required courses, for shifting into a new social circle, for throwing yourself with a will into extracurricular life or being laden with unasked-for responsibilities, and for figuring out what you’re doing here, »

Gallagher: Censor only affirmatively

September 9, 2009
The news cycle has moved on from Yale’s recent decision to remove all images of Muhammad from Jytte Klaussen’s upcoming book on the 2005 Danish cartoon crisis, and the University should be pleased to be out of the critical limelight. But the real question raised by the affair remains: What limits can a university rightly »

Gallagher: Globalism is not new to Yale

April 14, 2009
In the official story Yale tells itself — the story that emerges from official statements and development plans — the message is clear: Yale is an international university. With great emphasis and considerable pride, the University’s representatives continually refer to Yale’s global mission. This should be no surprise: Globalization is a hot topic, and university »

Gallagher: No sensible opposition

April 3, 2009
Gender-neutral housing has been a hot issue in the last month, with protests on Cross Campus, official messages from Dean Mary Miller and a slew of columns on this page. Last week’s exchange between Peter Johnston ’09 (“The logical extension of the first step,” March 26) and River Clegg ’11 (“Flawed logic against progress,” March »

Gallagher: A little radicalism

March 5, 2009
On Feb. 20 armed policemen knocked down the barricades and forced their way into the Kimmel Student Center at NYU. For the previous day and half, a band of students calling themselves “Take Back NYU” had been occupying a university cafeteria, issuing a grab bag of demands ranging from scholarships for Palestinian students to wider »

Gallagher: To build better bonds

February 19, 2009
For most of us, the closing of Mory’s over winter break was no big deal. A cappella lovers and a few other Temple Bar diehards were distraught to learn the news, but few Yalies’ daily routines were disturbed by the disappearance of Mory’s from the school’s culinary scene. Mory’s may not be gone forever: It’s »

Gallagher: Hurt by the language of faith

January 28, 2009
According to some reports, a few tens of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall last Thursday; others reported hundreds of thousands. I’d explain the discrepancy by saying the protesters were as numerous as the sand of the sea: Such an event deserves to be described in biblical terms, anyway. The National March for »