Genome may code for obesity

The United States is experiencing an obesity epidemic. The culprits? A general lack of exercise, combined with an increase in the quantity and availability of calorific food. But environment may not be the only factor at play. New research shows that genetics may also be at fault. According to a new study published by Yale […]


Elis to wait on buying Macs

As Coldplay’s “Life in Technicolor” reaches its swelling climax, an impossibly slender, silver laptop slowly comes into full view, its gleaming glass screen depicting a brilliant view of an aurora and a dock filled with applications. This scene is a part of the introductory video for the “next generation” in Mac products — the new […]


‘Science Saturday’ students learn the truth about water

A boy in an oversized black t-shirt proclaiming “Got Science?” darted across Davies Auditorium, stopped in front of a table laden with fruit, donuts and drinks, and grabbed a sugar donut in one hand and a Snapple the other. He was a participant in the ‘Science Saturdays,’ a program that takes place every Saturday during […]


9/11: Seven years later

For six hours on Thursday afternoon, white candles burned in Battell Chapel. Commemorating the seventh anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the candles were part of an event that took the form of a service of reflection, in which members of the Yale community came and went, praying and meditating throughout Thursday afternoon. […]