ORAZEM: Rape is real at Yale

September 22, 2011
Julia Fisher ’13 (“Not a rape culture, just a PC one,” Sept. 22) wants us to know that there is no rape culture at Yale. She’s wrong. And the way I know she’s wrong is that, according to a commonly cited Justice Department statistic, 1 in 4 college women are raped during their years as »

TITLE IX COMPLAINANTS: Exacerbating Yale’s rape culture

In seeking silence, the Undergraduates for a Better Yale College (UBYC) create a culture of violence. We write in response to yesterday’s debate regarding the UBYC’s mission to stop sex and its discussion on our campus. Alex Chituc ’13 admirably tackled many problematic aspects of the organization’s work in a column for the News (“Yalies »

Ash Wednesday

December 3, 2010
Your mother takes you. And the line is long, and full of people on lunch breaks, in housecoats, who you’d almost call happy except for their hands, which in this kind of church pray too, clasping themselves, and each other, like trying to feel your way out of the cold with skin, worrying shirtsleeves, wedding »