Changes to evals accepted

April 11, 2007
A set of recommendations to alter the structure of and access to online course evaluations will be implemented this fall, following approval by the faculty in a meeting last week. The report, complied last year by the Teaching and Learning Committee, states that faculty members, non-faculty who sign students’ schedules, chairs of curricular councils, and »

Tenure changes accepted

April 5, 2007
A report recommending significant changes to the University’s system of tenure and appointments was officially accepted yesterday, following unanimous faculty approval and a vote by the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. After an hour-long discussion about the details of the report and the general state of tenure at the University, the »

ETS decides not to change GRE for this fall as had previously been planned

April 4, 2007
The Educational Testing Service decided not to implement a new version of the Graduate Record Exam this fall, after four years of research on what would have been the largest revision to the test in its history. The newly designed GRE — the standardized test required for admission to most doctoral programs — would have »

Univ. grad schools earn high rankings

April 2, 2007
Yale Law School, the history and English departments of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the University’s Masters of Fine Arts programs all topped the charts in U.S. News and World Report’s list of “America’s Best Graduate Schools,” released Friday. The magazine also ranked the Yale School of Medicine eighth in terms of »

Voice deepening, GSA turns ten

March 29, 2007
During the Graduate Students and Employees Organization’s 1996 strike, teaching assistants withheld undergraduates’ grades for two weeks as part of a repeated attempt to gain official recognition as a union by the University administration. In response, Thomas Appelquist, the Graduate School dean at the time, convened a committee of faculty and students charged with figuring »

Accreditation may see changes

March 29, 2007
The Department of Education proposed a number of regulatory changes last week that could require accreditation agencies to become more involved in evaluating the quality of university educations. The proposal’s stipulations would significantly change the role of accreditation agencies, requiring them to establish minimum performance requirements for all schools. The department also proposed that when »

Faculty discusses tenure

March 28, 2007
The recently proposed changes to Yale’s tenure system received a positive review at a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which convened formally on Tuesday for its only official discussion of the recommendations before it votes on them next Wednesday. Approximately 200 faculty members in attendance had the chance to to voice their »

Whitney review is complete

March 27, 2007
Yale students earning degrees through the special students program will have access to Yale financial aid next year, based on a review of the program that also reaffirmed its high standard for admission. The review committee, which was convened last April to evaluate the purpose and admissions standards for Yale’s special student programs, focused its »

GESO claims majority

March 8, 2007
The Graduate Employees and Students Organization voted to approve two resolutions in a membership meeting last night — one demanding formal recognition as a union representing a majority of non-science graduate students and the other calling for a thorough review of Yale’s use of graduate student labor for teaching and research. After months of relative »

Child care vexes grad students

March 7, 2007
With the University expected soon to announce a new child-care facility, graduate students with children said they continue to struggle financially to balance their studies with parenting. A year after a survey found that financial limitations are the main obstacle for graduate students raising children, students said they hope the administration will address the cost »

Faculty discuss potential evaluation system changes

March 2, 2007
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences convened Thursday afternoon to discuss proposed changes to who can access online course evaluations. The proposal ­— drafted by the Teaching and Learning Committee — recommends that more faculty members, as well as non-faculty who sign students’ schedules, should be given access to parts of the evaluations and that »

Divisional majors face special issues

March 1, 2007
Despite the more than 70 existing majors on offer, a handful of Yalies decide every year to forge new paths of study. Special divisional majors said they appreciate the freedom they have outside the requirements of a structured major, but sticking to a new course of study is sometimes difficult without the built-in support of »