Extreme reactions worsen Danish cartoon dispute

February 8, 2006
Pictures have a long history of making history in the Middle East. Twelve hundred years ago, Byzantine emperors engaged in a tug-of-war over the place of religious iconography in the church: Ornate mosaics and paintings were stripped of their pedestals and smashed; icon-loving iconoclasts crushed icon-hating iconodules; iconodules brushed themselves off and began crushing the »

At Columbia, the Ivory Tower is under siege

December 3, 2004
To be “French” means a number of things in America today: “surrender monkeys” in some circles, “spineless appeasement-niks” to the slightly more high-browed and simply “freedom” for deep-fried slithers of potato. Western Europe’s beak-nosed, thankless dandies have become standard-bearers for moral cowardice, the yin to the yang of U.S. bravado. Nowhere else does a people »