Dining halls endure shortages

December 6, 2006
Produce trucks getting stuck in the snow. A romanesco crop ravaged by deer. For Yale Dining Services administrators, these problems are just business as usual. Fluctuating prices and varying availability of certain foods create challenges for YDS, as well as local food retailers and restaurants, but they said they have had little difficulty in keeping »

Revamped United Way campaign expected to reap record funds

December 1, 2006
Yale’s administrators and union leaders are collaborating for the first time this year on fundraising for Yale’s annual United Way campaign. Each year, Yale runs a United Way campaign to raise money for the New Haven community, and officials are hoping the new cooperation will net record donations, said Director of Marketing for the Office »

UHS offers HPV shots

November 13, 2006
Yale University Health Services has begun to administer the Human Papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil, nearly half a year after national review committees approved it for distribution. YUHS Director Paul Genecin said staff started offering the vaccine to women who request it on Oct. 30. The treatment, administered to women in order to help protect against cervical »

Fellow explores N.Y. subway colors

October 26, 2006
Growing up in Brooklyn, R. Raleigh D’Adamo ’53 lived within a few hundred feet of five different New York transit lines and, almost by necessity, developed an interest in public transit. D’Adamo — who designed an earlier version of the current New York City subway system map — told students and Davenport College fellows about »

Jewish leader decries anti-Semitism

October 20, 2006
A TV show about Jewish doctors stealing Muslim children’s body parts, a book called “The Torah of Satan,” and a photograph of a kindergartner paying homage to the murderer of Israeli soldiers were among the examples of anti-Semitism discussed by Charles Jacobs, founder and President of the David Project Center for Jewish Leadership, at an »

UOC argues for fiscal reform

October 13, 2006
Yalies walking through Beinecke Plaza at midday on Thursday witnessed a curious sight: a President Richard Levin doppelganger — albeit some decades younger — celebrating the University’s terrific endowment return. Members of the Undergraduate Organizing Committee (UOC) held an assembly in Beinecke Plaza on Thursday afternoon in which they portrayed a variety of Yale-related characters »

YHHAP program provides vouchers for local panhandlers

October 6, 2006
Starting this year, Yale students wishing to lend a helping hand to needy New Haven residents can make sure their money will truly improve the situation of impoverished panhandlers. At Yale, New Haven Cares, a citywide nonprofit founded in 1996, is a division of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project that sells vouchers to »