Fisher: A lesson in disappointment

January 14, 2011
This is a week of decisions. Maybe I find shopping period difficult because Directed Studies deprived me of practice last year, or maybe that’s part of why I found DS so appealing. I’m afraid of making decisions, and I’m inclined to suspect this is not an uncommon problem among Yalies. To get here, a lot »

Fisher: Don’t stifle free speech

October 22, 2010
In the last two weeks, I received two e-mails about the chants of DKE’s pledges on Old Campus. The first arrived the morning after the chanting; it included the words of the chant and a call to action to condemn them. The second, a few days later, said the News would not print that day »

Fisher: Give us the vote

October 8, 2010
As campaigns head into their final stretches and politicians seek to define themselves, college students have a unique decision to make. Many of us split our time between New Haven and our respective homes, so we can choose to vote in either jurisdiction. We, too, can use this season to define ourselves by selecting which »

Fisher: Finding fine dining

September 22, 2010
Most of the fury over Yale Dining’s changes seems to have died down, and resentment at the lack of paper cups has subdued. But Yale students should not accept the current dining hall situation. The paper cups battle was unwinnable — you can never win when your opponent claims its way is greener — but, »

Fisher: Our newspapers have moved

September 16, 2010
Last week, seeking respite from my busy shopping schedule, I decided to visit my favorite room at Yale. I discovered this room the summer before my freshman year when I wandered into Sterling Memorial Library and was a little disappointed to see a grand hall rather than rooms filled with books. Then I found something »