No soap for you! More bang for our bucks

April 18, 2001
On Monday, Provost Alison Richard rejected the Yale College Council’s proposal to install soap dispensers in undergraduate bathrooms. She said she had been intrigued by the proposal until she found out that we had new storage bins (My God! What decadence!) in our bathrooms. Ultimately, her main reason for disapproval was cost: She claimed that »

As soon as Bush starts a war, I’ve got a summer job

April 4, 2001
Of course it worked out that the applications for the astronomy summer internships I was interested in required three academic letters of recommendation. Three. Getting two was pretty easy — I asked my major advisor and my mentor from my internship last year. But three? Who else could I ask? My professors, you say? Ha! »

Almanac of current politics, slightly abridged

March 21, 2001
We live in a country where the right to political participation is considered fundamental, nearly as fundamental as the right to store loaded firearms in your child’s backpack. But with such rights come responsibilities. And you can’t expect to be a responsible citizen and voter if you don’t keep yourself informed. Spring break was two »