Women: choose your own feminist adventure

November 1, 2002
Tonight I am going to cook dinner for my friends. This might not seem so remarkable to you, but let me add this little tidbit — I am a feminist. Do I contradict myself? I think not, but it seems that there are some who seem to think that as a feminist, I would automatically »

Forum underlines need for diversity in faculty hiring

February 18, 2002
At an open forum hosted by the Yale College Council last Wednesday night (“Forum addresses tenure for women, minorities,” 2/14), Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead, Economics Department chairman David Pearce and History Department chairman Jon Butler acknowledged the dearth of women and minority faculty members at Yale but also seemed unwilling to take necessary and »

Yale must renew its commitment to Credit/D/Fail

February 4, 2002
This semester the Committee on Yale College Education will begin to formulate proposals to improve undergraduate education (“Academic review starts taking shape,” 1/30). From initial reports, it seems that the committee will indeed advocate some necessary changes to the curriculum. But it will overlook an overarching issue: the need to liberalize our liberal arts education »