UOFC learns from mistakes, adopts new transparency

November 16, 2007
Wednesday’s News’ View, “Why waste, UOFC?” critiqued the Cirque du Monde event and the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee’s “vision” without understanding either the UOFC or its 5K competitions. I take the News’ criticism at its face value — as a call for reform. I appreciate that. The UOFC screwed up — but not because we »

Towers’ architectural symbolism is powerful

September 12, 2006
I read Alexandra Schwartz’s column (“Five years after Sept. 11, pain still fresh,” 9/11) while sitting at the very top of Science Hill, on that bright, empty courtyard of summer-green grass. If you look up, the height of Kline Tower at just the right moment in the morning, you can see the red-stone bricks meld »

Elis swim strong in Invite, Open

December 7, 2005
Though a thousand miles separated traveling Elis on the men’s swimming team from their peers at home, their achievements last weekend seemed to be in sync. Keeping the momentum from two Thanksgiving break victories, the Elis pushed their way to a strong finish in the final two competitions of 2005. The Bulldogs (3-1, 0-1 EISL) »