REVESZ: A harmful career fair

September 17, 2012
As graduation looms, the class of 2013 must make difficult choices. Asset management or derivative design? Financial analyst or management associate? Most critically of all: investment banking or consulting? Perhaps there is life after Yale that involves neither of those two professions. But one would not know it from Friday’s career fair, where the vast »

REVESZ: Feudalism in the colleges

April 10, 2012
A specter is haunting Yale: the specter of feudalism. When Yale’s class of 2016 descends on campus next week, they will be told about the richness of Yale’s extracurricular scene. High school newspaper editors, debate captains and community service leaders will listen as an admissions officer tells them how friendly Yale College is to student-run »

REVESZ: No academia is objective

February 8, 2012
The addition of ethnicity, race and migration as Yale’s 78th standalone major has prompted criticism from campus conservatives, who claim that the major will only enhance the dangerous brew of politics and academia. In a way, they are correct. The project of ER&M — which questions conventional views of nationality and identity — contributes a »

REVESZ: Eidelson for real leftism

November 4, 2011
For American leftists, politics can be painful. We liberals are too often stuck watching our preferred candidates appease a center-right electorate. From John DeStefano to Joe Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 to Barack Obama, Yale students are represented by those who refuse to advocate for the ideas of the median Yale voter. That’s why, for progressives, »