Travel aid increases

April 6, 2006
Scaled changes to students’ travel contributions within financial aid packages have been recalculated and will be implemented next year, Yale Director of Financial Aid Caesar Storlazzi said. Storlazzi said the revision of travel allowances was first proposed by Yale College Council representatives at a fall meeting of the University’s Subcommittee on Admissions and Financial Aid, »

Admit rates could rise

April 5, 2006
While Yale and other Ivies continue to announce record-low rates of admission, higher education experts say this phenomenon may not continue for much longer, and some are questioning the importance of acceptance rates in judging such institutions. This year, Yale posted an acceptance rate of 8.6 percent — a record low for the Ivy League »

Univ. faces continued pressure on Hashemi

April 4, 2006
As the May 1 deadline for former Taliban diplomat Rahmatullah Hashemi’s application to the Eli Whitney Students Program draws near, Yale administrators have continued to deflect questions and concerns that have been raised nationwide about his presence at the University. Massachusetts resident Margaret Pothier, who contacted Yale President Richard Levin in mid-March on behalf of »

Some struggle to study abroad

April 3, 2006
While Yale promotes international experience as a key part of undergraduate education, students continue to identify bureaucratic challenges to term-time study abroad. Students preparing to go abroad next fall — who had to confirm their plans with University study abroad administrators last Friday — cited difficulties in securing the transfer of academic credit and finding »

Univ. admits Ivy record low

March 31, 2006
This year, it was harder than ever to become a Yalie, as the University’s overall acceptance rate for the Class of 2010 hit an Ivy League record low of 8.6 percent, the Admissions Office announced Thursday. Yale accepted 1,823 students this year from a total pool of 21,099 applicants, a pool 8.5 percent larger than »

Levin stays mum on Hashemi

March 28, 2006
Yale officials denied a claim made in Monday’s Wall Street Journal Online that President Richard Levin would make the final decision about the application of former Taliban diplomat Rahmatullah Hashemi if he applies for regular degree status this May. Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund reported that an anonymous Yale official told him Levin had »

College Board announces additional SAT score changes

March 24, 2006
The College Board’s SAT snafu reached new lows this week when the board announced that an additional 393 test takers received mistakenly low scores on the October exam, bringing the total number of affected students to 4,411. This discovery comes after the board announced Wednesday that approximately 27,000 exams — from the batch of about »

Hispanic magazine ranks Yale fourth

March 23, 2006
Yale placed in the top five in Hispanic Magazine’s list of the top 25 colleges for Latinos this year, after failing to make the cut last time. The rankings placed Yale — which currently has an 8 percent Hispanic enrollment — fourth, while Harvard University topped the list. Princeton University and Amherst College came in »

NYU trumps Yale in dream school rankings

March 22, 2006
For the third year in a row, college-bound seniors picked the Big Apple over the Bulldogs. In the third annual “College Hopes & Worries Survey” conducted by The Princeton Review, high school students and their parents were asked to name their dream colleges — schools they would most like to attend if chances of acceptance »

Stanford overhauls financial aid policy

March 20, 2006
A year after Yale announced sweeping changes to its financial aid policy, Stanford University outlined similar reforms last week. The change, announced Wednesday, eliminates required contributions for families with annual incomes of less than $45,000 and reduces the contribution for families earning between $45,000 and $60,000 a year. The policy changes — which will cost »

Alumni clash over Hashemi

March 20, 2006
Rahmatullah Hashemi ’09 has become the focal point of a nationwide debate over his admission to Yale as a special non-degree student, precipitating extensive media coverage and heated conversation among University alumni. Since The New York Times Magazine published an article last month detailing Hashemi’s past as a former diplomat for the foreign minister of »

Students march for aid reform

March 1, 2006
More than 60 students banging drums, shouting chants and waving signs marched from Beinecke Plaza to the Financial Aid Office Tuesday afternoon to call for further changes to the University’s financial aid policy. The rally, which was spearheaded by the Undergraduate Organizing Committee, began with speeches and poems recited by students, faculty and community leaders. »