Kerry can take lead on anti-terror

April 21, 2004 • 0
Reflecting on President Bush’s press conference last week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry concluded that the “home base for George Bush … is terror. Ask him a question, he’s going to terror.” Kerry then added that “part of my task obviously is to convince America — we don’t have to beat him on it »

Democrats can win with anti-crime platform

March 22, 2004 • 0
The latest CNN/Gallup/USA Today poll (March 5-7, 2004) shows that if the general election were held today, Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, would win the popular vote by a narrow margin. Between now and November, however, the Bush campaign could easily surge ahead with the help of one issue: national security. Even if »

Fox News reigns supreme over cable networks

November 12, 2003 • 0
Cable news has never looked so idiotic. Fox News Channel is king, and MSNBC and CNN have done everything to compete short of hiring Bob Goen of Entertainment Tonight as a political analyst. It all began in 2000. Fox News’ ratings climbed over the course of the 2000 presidential campaign until they equaled CNN’s ratings »

What Karl Rove wants, Karl Rove gets

February 3, 2003 • 0
While we were on winter break, watching TV and making snow angels in the front yard, President Bush’s chief political adviser, Karl Rove, must have been hard at work. Rove probably spent a good part of the holidays deciding on an economic stimulus plan for Bush to promote in the next session of Congress. Moderate »