Mental health budget overhauled

Gov. Dannel Malloy has released a budget that may leave some of the state’s most vulnerable patients without public assistance.


Graham discusses interpersonal art

Since the 1970s, Dan Graham’s art and critical writings have provided new ways of looking at the cultural hallmarks of recent generations.


State legislators anticipate next session

Three Connecticut lawmakers met with the Yale College Democrats Monday evening to discuss the upcoming legislative session.


Fairness develops early Yale study finds

A new Yale study has found that children develop an understanding of fairness early in life, but this understanding manifests itself in behavior more frequently when people are looking.


U.N. Secretary-General pushes ‘global citizenship’

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed the major problems facing the world and the need for people to consider themselves global citizens.


Fiscal cliff threatens Conn. economy

Businesses in Connecticut and across the country are growing uneasy about what the impending “fiscal cliff” could mean for their operations.


Congress poised for more of the same

As the dust clears after one of the most expensive election cycles in recent memory, many political analysts are predicting that the newly elected Congress will continue to face legislative gridlock. With Republicans maintaining control of the House of Representatives and Democrats hanging on to their Senate majority, President Barack Obama will enter a new […]


Forum: Election Evening

As the race comes closer to its end, how are you feeling? Read a perspective in the News’ Forum: John Aroutiounian, Guest Columnist | Sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College Republicans may or may win the presidential election this year, but this time — at least compared to last time around, which was a sleeper of […]


New state voter system struggles

More than 100,000 Connecticut residents have sent in their voter registration forms in the past six weeks, but the state’s new processing system has struggled to keep up with the influx. The new Connecticut voter registration system, known as CVRS2, was deployed this year under the directive of Gov. Dannel Malloy to save costs and […]


AROUTIOUNIAN: The storm has arrived

Guest Column

GOP Senate hopes fade

With this year’s election cycle coming to a close, Republicans hope to reclaim a Senate majority for the first time since 2006 are facing a spate of final polls showing GOP candidates leading in only four of the country’s 11 competitive Senate races. With 33 races taking place this year, the latest polling puts Democrats […]


Controversial theologian discusses forgiveness

Margaret Farley GRD ’73, a Divinity School professor and member of the Sisters of Mercy whose writings on sexual ethics drew the ire of the Vatican this summer, spoke about her beliefs before a crowd of over 100 Thursday evening. Farley’s book, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” sparked controversy after its publication […]