AROUTIOUNIAN: The Armenian Genocide continues

April 24, 2015 • 0
One hundred years ago today – April 24, 1915 – Ottoman Turkish authorities rounded up and executed 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Istanbul.

AROUTIOUNIAN: For an end to columns

December 4, 2014 • 0
The proliferation of Wikipedia, other “free access, free content” sites and now smartphones will continue to revolutionize the way people around the world access information.

AROUTIOUNIAN: Condescension isn’t compassion

November 11, 2014 • 0
Democratic pundits do a disservice to American voters when they call election results a mistake.
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AROUTIOUNIAN: Wasting Yale’s gift

October 21, 2014 • 0
You can spend the next four years doing something much more valuable than student government

AROUTIOUNIAN: Universal rights matter

October 7, 2014 • 0
Multiculturalism shouldn't come at the expense of universal rights.

AROUTIOUNIAN: Malloy’s desperate moves

September 23, 2014 • 0
But don’t leave just yet, the priest suddenly exclaimed. We’ve got a special guest! John Aroutiounian_Karen Tian2Before I could make a beeline for the holy water, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy comes darting toward the pulpit.

AROUTIOUNIAN: How (not) to say hello

September 9, 2014 • 0
All I ask is that students spend some time living with people whose lives are ordered differently, instead of studying or rationalizing others’ beliefs from afar.

AROUTIOUNIAN: Salmon, not pink

April 17, 2014 • 0
Yale is full of middle and upper middle class kids who resemble young, fit, hungry dogs: They’ve tasted meat for the first time, and their eyes have a crazed intensity about them.
annelisa aopinion

AROUTIOUNIAN: Where’s your pride, Yale?

April 2, 2014 • 0
I asked 10 good friends — people whose preferences, personalities and backgrounds I knew pretty well — to name five things that made them proud.

AROUTIOUNIAN: The Christian century ahead?

March 26, 2014 • 0
Anywhere and anytime people have a case for more freedom and compassion, there’s a better chance now than ever that their movement will take off.

AROUTIOUNIAN: Full plates, empty hearts

February 19, 2014 • 0
Something goes unrealized when you go around “questioning everything.” You’re rarely turning the critical eye inward.

AROUTIOUNIAN: Our language excludes

February 5, 2014 • 0
Plenty of people talk about whether the “do what you love” advice is good or bad. But the more interesting question is whether it’s actually applicable to everyone.