The Fidel Castro you never knew

April 11, 2003 • 0
In his letter to the editor last week, Michael Bustamante ’06 discounts positive impressions of Cuban society as the result of government manipulation engineered to mask the true horror of the Cuban regime. (“Let’s get the Cuban government’s record straight,” 4/4) The unbalanced view of the Cuban government to which Bustamante falls victim is shared »

Berkeley embarks on an organic experience

October 29, 2002 • 0
In its new sustainable food project, Yale is putting its money where its mouth is. What began as a group of students with a vision of environmentally sound food practices has turned into an ambitious University undertaking. After months of conversations with students, dining services staff, and prominent leaders in the organic movement, Yale has »

Yale nears decision on admissions policy

September 26, 2002 • 0
Yale is in the final stages of determining the future of its early decision policy, Richard Shaw, the dean of undergraduate admissions and financial aid, said yesterday. Shaw said he hopes a decision will be made in the next couple of weeks. A meeting of the advisory Faculty Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid Policy »

A military life for some Yalies

September 25, 2002 • 0
U.S. Navy Lt. Nathaniel Fogg ’97 found himself in the middle of the war on terrorism before it even had a name. Four days after Fogg disembarked from the USS Cole in October 2000, terrorists rammed a dingy into the side of the ship, killing 17 of his fellow crew. This past summer Fogg was »

Beyond the tower: Alums discuss life after Yale

September 24, 2002 • 0
When Polly Ha ’02 decided to study at the University of Cambridge this fall, she exchanged one Gothic campus for another. While Ha has found the transition to post-Yale life a smooth one, other members of the Class of 2002 say the shift hasn’t been quite so effortless. As current Yalies settle into the routine »

UCS to offer 6 fairs starting this month

September 20, 2002 • 0
Whether you’re stressed about the imminent end of your time at Yale or looking for a tantalizing summer experience, help is on the way. Undergraduate Career Services is gearing up for the six fairs it will host this fall. UCS has added a graduate school fair and a health professions fair to last year’s offerings, »

Yale teaches alum art of being single mom

September 18, 2002 • 0
Noelle Celeste ’92’s Yale diploma was one of the reasons she chose to keep her child. Now, Celeste says, the education that accompanied her degree is helping raise her daughter. Yale’s liberal arts education strives to equip graduates to take on many arenas of the post-graduate world — not only the profession they will choose. »

University gives frosh counselors personal data

September 13, 2002 • 0
If you are a freshman, your freshman counselor knows your SAT score, your high school honors courses, and how well you did on your Advanced Placement exams — whether you told him or not. Few undergraduates know the practice exists, but freshman counselors are supplied with a packet containing the academic background of each freshman »

Alums play key roles in rebuilding ground zero

September 10, 2002 • 0
From the 20th-floor conference room of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, Andrew Winters ARC ’94 points out the remains of the World Trade Center basement in the far corner of the pit below. This is the only part of the original buildings still standing, Winters explains. Even the steel footprints have been carted away by »

Harvard toys with admissions policy

September 6, 2002 • 0
This summer, Harvard nearly broke from a long-held tradition of respecting the binding early decision commitments of applicants to other elite colleges in an apparent effort to steal prospective students. Since the inception of early decision programs about 30 years ago, it has been understood that students who are accepted early decision at one school »

Princeton admissions hacking incident resolved

September 4, 2002 • 0
Yale will take no further action in response to Princeton’s unauthorized access of Yale online admissions decisions, Yale President Richard Levin said Tuesday. Yale admissions officers learned about the security breach May 15 when Stephen LeMenager, Princeton’s director of admissions, mentioned his entry into the Web site during a conference for admissions officers. Yale filed »

Yale seeks approval for early admissions pact

May 6, 2002 • 0
Yale President Richard Levin met with a Justice Department official in Washington, D.C., last week to discuss whether collective action to reform early admissions policies would constitute a violation of antitrust law, Yale spokeswoman Helaine Klasky said. The meeting was the most recent step toward Levin’s goal of reaching an agreement among multiple schools to »