HE: Feeding the white elephants

For every iconic sports team, there is an iconic stadium or arena associated with it.

HE: Student-athletes should be paid

But greed, as it turns out, is not always good.

The real story at Sochi

In some of my previous columns, I argued that sports ultimately are entertainment businesses designed to, well, entertain people.

HE: Politics at the Olympics

Normally I don’t wake up on weekends until it’s absolutely necessary. But this Saturday, I broke my personal rule and got out of bed at 7:00 a.m. The Olympic showdown between the American and Russian men’s hockey teams was simply too good to pass on. And the game certainly did not disappoint. American goalie Jonathan […]

HE: Puck luck

Now that the Super Bowl is over, let’s turn our attention to the one sport that every Yalie cares about: men’s hockey.

Ice Hockey

HE: Athletes are not role models

As spectators, we expect our athletes to show grace whether they win or lose, forgetting that the athletes have put a lifetime of work, and often their physical and mental health, on the line for our amusement.

HE: Fourth and a long shot

The Monday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers ended on a controversial note. Down 24–20 with just three seconds left on the clock, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was intercepted in the end zone on a pass that fell short of Rob Gronkowski, his intended target. There was just one […]

HE: Yale sports bridge gap to New Haven?

Last Friday night capped off the end of an incredible journey for the Yale men’s hockey team.

M. HOCKEY | Bulldogs split first two playoff games

A late comeback by the men’s hockey team was not enough to overcome its slow start. The Bulldogs (14–14–3, 10–10–2 ECAC) fell in overtime to Princeton (9–15–7, 6–12–4) 5–4 as the Tigers extended the ECAC playoff series to its final game. Despite missing seven players to injuries, Princeton jumped out to a 2–0 lead and […]


M. HOCKEY | Bulldogs seek second straight sweep

Plenty is at stake for the men’s hockey team as it heads into the last two games of the regular season this weekend. Coming off their first winning streak since November, the Bulldogs (12–13–2, 9–10–1 ECAC) will try to keep their momentum rolling on the road against Princeton (8–13–6, 6–11–3) and Quinnipiac (16–11–5, 8–8–4) before […]

Williams takes new gig at UTEP

Former Yale football head coach Tom Williams has signed on as safeties coach at the University of Texas at El Paso, according to reports. Pete Rousel of coachingsearch.com first reported on Sunday that Williams had accepted a position on the UTEP staff under head coach Mike Price; the New Haven Register later confirmed Rousel’s report. […]


M. HOCKEY | Elis blast Ivy foes

In the last regular season homestand of their career, the seniors of the men’s hockey team went out in high fashion. The Bulldogs (12–13–2, 9–10–1 ECAC) showcased the dynamic offense for which they are known. The team clinched a 5–3 win over Dartmouth (10–13–4, 7–10–3) on Friday night before throttling archrival Harvard (8–7–11, 6–4–9) 7–1 […]