DeLauro Table honors Wooster Square family

October 24, 2011
After months of controversy, historic Wooster Square has gained a new monument. Mayor John DeStefano Jr. presided over a ceremony unveiling a monument in Wooster Square Sunday afternoon to honor the family of congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, now serving her 11th term as representative for Connecticut’s third district, for their commitment to the neighborhood. The dedication »

New investment group emphasizes education

October 18, 2010
A new club believes that investing can be freed from its greedy image. The Social Investment Team of undergraduates aims to educate its members in the practice of social investing, not only focusing on profit, but also on the consequences of investments. Unlike other organizations, which use group money to generate profits and create social »
An exhibit at the Parachute Factory on Peck Street accompanies the mulimedia project.

Project asks: What would you say to the world’s seven billionth baby?

September 27, 2010
Within the next year, a child of unknown nationality, gender, religion and race will be born. This child, however, will not just be another of the approximately 470,000 babies born around the world each day — he or she will be our planet’s seven billionth inhabitant. And, according to the organizers of the Seven Billionth »

Shor: Revisiting new media

April 14, 2010
I am the first to admit that I’m not one for online journalism. Call me old fashioned, but there is something about information from a venerable media outlet whose primary medium is not web-based that makes it seem more legitimate. As a writer, I choose to publish primarily in print. As a reader — when »

Shor: The statistics we neglect

March 23, 2010
As Adam Hirst ’10 noted yesterday, for three weeks each spring, March Madness becomes an obsession — we fill out brackets and then anxiously watch to see how our favorite teams fare. Yet the standings on ESPN ignore statistics that are ultimately more important for the players and universities we cheer for. A number of »

Shor: A test of true Americans

February 24, 2010
To hear some politicians speak, it seems as though our country is no longer divided into just red or blue. In debates over health care reform, the economy, the war in Afghanistan and many other issues, the citizens of this country fall into one of two camps: American and un-American. The latter group looks much »

Shor: Finding a free moment

February 9, 2010
As James Cersonsky pointed out in his column, “Saintly values” (Feb. 5), the Super Bowl is more than a game. As an integral part of American culture, sports have the power to unite people over a common, if somewhat inconsequential, goal. Yet as I witnessed on Sunday night, sports not only bring people together, but »

Shor: For country, not God

January 26, 2010
God is everywhere. This is true in the omnipotent sense, but also in a less theologically important, more everyday way. He’s part of the development of the modern conservative movement in “God and Man at Yale.” He presides over our study breaks when we choose to hang “For God, For Country, and For Yale” banners »

Shor: A plan for Afghanistan

January 12, 2010
While most Yalies were busy studying for final exams, the first wave of soldiers left for Afghanistan following President Obama’s Dec. 1 announcement of a troop surge. They joined the nearly 70,000 troops from more than 40 countries already serving in Afghanistan; the remainder of the surge’s 30,000 troops will join them by spring. In »