Univ. puts focus on LGBTQ

October 5, 2006
The vote is still out on whether Yale’s gay-friendly reputation truly matches campus reality. Despite Yale’s reputation as the “gay Ivy,” students have long complained that the University does not provide enough institutional support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students. Though this past month brought three major steps forward for Yale’s LGBTQ community »

Poll suggests grade inflation

October 4, 2006
Yale may have escaped the scrutiny faced by its peer institutions regarding grade inflation, but a recent poll conducted by the News suggests University transcripts have not been immune to the phenomenon. Unlike Princeton and Harvard, which release data on grade distribution annually, Yale has not done so for 25 years. But an online survey »

Dean returns from Beijing

September 25, 2006
Yale College Dean Peter Salovey returned Saturday from a trip to Beijing, where he attended the launch ceremony for the Peking University-Yale University Joint Undergraduate Program, which welcomed its first students from Yale this month. In addition to participating in the ceremony, Salovey gave two public talks at Beida — as Peking University is known »

GESO focuses on identifying new priorities

September 22, 2006
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. The 16-year-old Graduate Employees and Students Organization will focus on writing its first new platform since 2003 this semester, as the group tries to recruit new students to an effort that has already met many of its recent goals, but has failed to »

Study on tenure nears end

September 20, 2006
The University’s tenure review committee — which has been meeting since last fall — will likely produce a final report for the faculty by the end of November, top Yale officials said Tuesday. Yale College Dean Peter Salovey, who serves as co-chair of the committee with Graduate School Dean Jon Butler, said the report will »

Harvard tightens tailgate rules

September 20, 2006
In an unprecedented move, Harvard University administrators announced yesterday that no students will be permitted to bring alcohol into the tailgate at the Nov. 18 Harvard-Yale football game in Cambridge this year. To enforce the new policy, Harvard officials said they plan to search all vehicles entering the tailgate area prior to The Game. The »

NAS study examines gender gap

September 19, 2006
A report by the National Academies of Science released Monday concluded that the underrepresentation of women in science is caused by institutional barriers and discrimination, not a lower “intrinsic aptitude” for science. The studies laid out a number of recommendations for universities to level the playing field for men and women seeking faculty jobs — »

Anthro welcomes three new arrivals

September 13, 2006
After losing four faculty members last spring, the Anthropology Department has recruited three new professors this year, with ongoing searches to fill three more faculty slots. In addition to the three permanent hires, six visiting professors are offering courses in the department this year, relieving fears expressed last fall that the number of classes could »

Freshmen flock to new seminars

September 8, 2006
More than half the members of the Class of 2010 applied this summer for the burgeoning freshman seminar program, which is larger than ever as it enters its third year. This year, of the 688 freshmen who applied to the program, which admits students randomly, 527 were placed in 33 seminars ranging from “Exploring the »

Students react to new law

September 7, 2006
In response to impending changes in Connecticut’s underage drinking law, residential college administrators said they are trying to balance student privacy and legal responsibility in modifying their party policies. Students from several residential colleges said they have been told that parties that are unregistered or that move into “public spaces” within the colleges will be »

Physics expands by five profs

September 6, 2006
The Physics Department saw more growth in the last hiring cycle than any other department in Yale College, after five professors accepted offers to join its faculty last year. The new professors — four of whom were rewarded tenure — will expand the department’s course offerings for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in fields on »

Group revokes prize for two Yale professors

May 31, 2006
A prestigious prize to be awarded to two Yale professors was withdrawn last week due to protests over one of the authors’ position on graduate student unionization. Political science professors Ian Shapiro and Michael Graetz were to be honored for their book, “Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Fight Over Taxing Inherited Wealth,” until UNITE-HERE, »