Time away provides perspective

When Will Braff ’05 wanted time off from his hectic Yale life, a walk in the woods seemed like the right chance of pace. So he took a leave of absence, strapped on his backpack, and hiked 2,172 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. By the time he emerged on Mount Katahdin, […]


For some students, the home state is where the heart is

Welcome to “The Alamo,” New Haven, where the accents are nearly as long as the Longhorns on the wall. Step out of the frigid Northeastern night, over the defiant Texas doormat, and suddenly you find yourself in Lone Star Country. There, in the Howe Street apartment of Ryan King ’05, Ben Breunig ’05 and Rob […]


Students remember fatal crash

Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004, was a clear and sunny day. Davenport seniors talked and laughed while squeezing fresh orange juice for brunch. Elm Street was unusually quiet as students recovered in their beds from the semester’s first night of partying, and the snow in the streets belied the warmer weather. But for those who knew […]


There’s room at the Inn for the holidays

Frederick Sowah ’06 returned home for winter break this year to find a world very different than the one he had left. The young people on the streets were wearing American sports jerseys. The currency had experienced so much inflation that a new higher value note had been issued. Even his family had changed — […]


Community reacts to news of Brodhead’s departure

Members of the Yale community awoke this morning to find surprising news waiting in their e-mail inboxes: Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead, a fixture at the University for nearly 40 years, will leave his alma mater to become the ninth president of Duke University in July 2004. In dining halls and offices across campus, students […]


Peer schools remedy health needs differently

During their four years in New Haven, Yale undergraduates not only grapple with daunting academics and social situations, but also must learn to take responsibility for their own physical well-being. When illness strikes, Yale University Health Services often plays a large role in students’ recovery. Providing quality care for the entire Yale community is no […]


At UHS, the doctor is in, whatever the need

By the time they graduate from Yale, most students have become familiar, at one point or another, with the plastic benches and the crumpled magazines in University Health Services’ first floor waiting area. There, in the halogen glow, sit the fatigued, cough-racked and occasionally bloody. Fill out the form, state your problem and take a […]


Yale-Harvard ‘Fusion’ draws 1,400 partygoers

At this year’s Harvard-Yale weekend, the Yale Student Activites Committee wanted to organize a light-hearted social event that would provide a forum for interaction between Yale and Harvard students. So they hired a DJ, rented a fog machine, and made sure there were plenty of kinky cages. When Elis and Cantabs gathered Nov. 21 in […]


Language depts reevaluate

Following the Nov. 6 heavily-disputed decision to change Yale College’s foreign language requirements beginning with the Class of 2009, the University’s language departments are now starting to consider what alterations in curricula and instruction the new requirements will necessitate. As language instructors look warily toward the future, many predict the need for broad and costly […]


Painful Exits

Harry Flaster ’05 imagines that he was excited at this time last year, just one week before the Harvard-Yale Game. It had been the best season of his football career. “The Disaster” Flaster was leading the Ivy League in sacks, and was ready to take down the Crimson quarterback. It was going to be one […]

Paying the price for pain

It is difficult to fight the mid-autumn blues. Midterms and cold, grey weather conspire to suck students into the fluorescent depths of Cross Campus Library. A Machine City subsistence slowly drains the good cheer out of life for the hunch-backed victims crammed into their weenie bins. But on the fifth floor of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, […]

Navigating the culture of Payne

Primetime at the Adrian C. “Ace” Israel Fitness Center resembles a scene from a science fiction novel: man merged with machine, stubborn muscle pushing stubborn pedal. Bodies running, but getting nowhere. A steady hum echoes into the fourth floor hallway of Payne Whitney Gymnasium. It’s 4:30 p.m., and the floor is transformed into a sea […]