Dinner crowding leads to exclusion

September 23, 2004 • 0
Annette Tracey is not a bouncer at a club. But as a dining hall worker in Berkeley College, she is the next closest thing. Swiping ID cards at the exclusive, all-organic dining hall, she frequently finds herself turning away hordes of Yalies anxious to get a seat within the refectory’s walls. They beg and they »

Coalition tries to stop demolition

September 17, 2004 • 0
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “It’s like a massive footprint, it’s like a giant fortress when you come into the city,” North Haven resident Kevin Tennyson said, waxing poetic on the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum. “I always enjoyed going up and down the [parking] helix.” With a demolition date set for »

Fencing coach rides donkey with dignity

September 16, 2004 • 0
Somewhere on the seventh floor of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, beneath piles of sabres and gloves, sits the desk of fencing head coach Henry Harutunian. Only the desk’s general form can be made out beneath papers, broken fencing gear, old rosters, promotional packets and the occasional trophy. The clutter, accrued over nearly 35 years of coaching, »

For ’05, 9/11 is an early Yale memory

September 13, 2004 • 0
As the wind on Cross Campus Saturday night threatened to extinguish the flames lit in remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001, students shielded their candles and drew support from groups of friends. It was a smaller gathering than in years past, the raw emotions provoked by the tragedy fading with time. But memories of Sept. 11, »

English class edits usual format

September 9, 2004 • 0
At first glance, the class that met in Saybrook College’s Lyceum Room Tuesday afternoon seemed like a typical seminar. The topic of discussion — how literature becomes part of the canon and ends up on a college syllabus — did not raise many eyebrows among the 20 or so sophomores sitting around the table. Then, »

Bookstore offers more than text

September 7, 2004 • 0
In the lower level of the Yale Bookstore, wedged between the foreign language section and the Clinique counter, a small but colorful garden has sprouted. Its flowers beckon to the passing shopper with colors crazier than tulips in March: bright red, pastel, sequined, plaid. Some are plastic, and some are cloth, some have heels — »

Gym boasts medal

September 1, 2004 • 0
Michael Phelps, move over. Payne Whitney Gymnasium needs some room on the Olympic podium. Perhaps one of Yale’s largest and most sedentary Olympians, the building earned a silver medal in the 1936 Berlin Games, when its architectural plans demolished the competition in one of five art categories. While only credited with one Olympic medal, Payne »

DJ Dante discoveres alter ego on WYBC

April 27, 2004 • 0
DJ Dante knows how to pleasure the ladies. With a molasses-dipped, smooth as satin growl, his voice rumbles over the airwaves Wednesday nights to caress the ears of his loyal New Haven fan base. “You’re listening to the sweet and mellow sounds of the Love Zone on 94.3 WYBC,” he says, a slight decrescendo at »

Profs analyze, criticize war in Iraq

April 23, 2004 • 0
As the June 30 deadline for the return of sovereignty to Iraq draws near and unrest escalates in cities such as Fallujah and Basra, debate over the United State’s role in the occupation has intensified in the American media — and among Yale professors of history and political science. Experts in their respective fields, Yale »

Date-rape drugs rare on campus, police say

April 16, 2004 • 0
University police will interview a Saybrook freshman today who said she was given a date-rape drug at an on-campus party two weeks ago. The student, who asked that her name not be disclosed, said she believes someone put a date-rape drug in her drink at a Yale Hellenistic Society party in the Berkeley Bagel Bar »

In the storm, Eric Wenzel shines

April 14, 2004 • 0
Playing lacrosse in torrential thunderstorms is no joyous task. Tuesday evening’s cold rain fell in sheets across Johnson Field, lit by the stadium lights, and New Haven’s nastiest precipitation pummeled the masked, hunched players as they grunted and swore. But despite the weather’s onslaught, there was one man on the field who wore a smile. »

Cadavers give docs leg up in training

April 12, 2004 • 0
Jennifer Giltnane MED ’08 GRD ’08 never knew Myrtle, but she knew Myrtle’s hands. The calluses, the wrinkles, the converging lines of head and life — Giltnane knew them all intimately because she took them apart. Until the moment when Giltnane unwrapped the hands, her cadaver had seemed like a cold, slightly repulsive body on »