Benefits level playing field for gays

January 30, 2004 • 0
My parents’ decision to marry was anything but romantic. They had been living together for some time when my father said he would agree to marry (read: elope to Iowa) if she bought him a television. Now I certainly do not wish to offend anyone, especially not my loving parental units, by suggesting that they »

MLK Day off is confusing and lacks meaning

January 16, 2004 • 0
If Friday is Monday and Monday is Sunday or some other nebulous weekend day and then there is some point in April when Monday is Friday, what do you get? My very annoyed Arabic professor, who still doesn’t quite get Yale’s convoluted Martin Luther King Jr. Day phenomenon. (Only at Yale do we come up »

Language education must be higher priority

November 21, 2003 • 0
When Americans learn that I speak several languages fluently, the reaction is typically one of utter surprise. On the other hand, Europeans are generally nonplussed by this discovery. I myself feel that my foreign language ability, while not subpar, is in constant need of improvement. Communication is the bedrock of human society, and especially in »

Identity group should not be confused with political views

November 7, 2003 • 0
During an inspiring Wednesday Master’s Tea about the 34 Million Friends foundation, which aspires to raise $34 million to support the United Nations Population Fund, co-founder of the organization Jane Roberts explained her passion for this cause by saying, “I suppose I’m somewhat of a feminist, in the best sense of the word.” Scholars of »

Readmission must be fair after withdrawl

October 24, 2003 • 0
With Nov.1 approaching, all around the country particularly ambitious high school seniors are scrambling to complete the thousands of applications that are flooding into the Admissions Office. This is an admissions race we all went through to get into Yale, and one none of us would ever want to go through again. But the truth »

Athletics injure Yale’s academic purpose

October 10, 2003 • 0
One day my freshman year, I was reading the news online and happened to mention to my friend that I was excited about the euro. “What is the euro?” she asked. Surprised, I explained that it was the currency of the European Union. “What’s the European Union?” she asked. As I began to fume, the »

Suits threaten file sharers

September 9, 2003 • 0
The Recording Industry Association of America continued its crackdown on copyright infringement Monday with 261 lawsuits against Internet users accused of illegal file sharing. Yale officials, in anticipation of the RIAA’s legal campaign, notified students who are targets of complaints this year and began briefing freshmen on copyright infringement as part of computer orientation sessions. »

Yale shuffles labor negotiations team

September 3, 2003 • 0
Capping off a year of administrative shake-ups, Yale this summer saw several more major changes in its top ranks, including in the University’s labor-relations team. Former Yale Vice President for Finance and Administration Robert Culver, who oversaw negotiations with Yale’s unions, was replaced by Yale Vice President of New Haven and State Affairs Bruce Alexander. »

As strike continues, picket lines greet freshmen

August 30, 2003 • 0
Yale freshmen received an unusual reception as they arrived on campus Friday, greeted not only by freshmen counselors and move-in crews, but also by picketing University workers. To the tune of tambourines, drums, and megaphones, members of the class of 2007 arrived on the third day of a strike by members of Yale’s two largest »

Investigators scour Law School for clues following bombing

May 22, 2003 • 0
Investigators began gathering evidence at the Yale Law School Thursday to determine more about the bomb that partially destroyed two rooms in the building Wednesday, State Police Lt. Col. Edward Lynch said at a press conference. The building has been secured as an official crime scene, and Lynch said officials will likely have more information »

Provost’s Office gets two new deputies

April 30, 2003 • 0
A year of changes in the Yale Provost’s Office will come to an end this July when two new deputy provosts replace Pierre Hohenberg and Diana Kleiner. Chemistry chairman Andrew Hamilton will join the provost’s office as deputy provost for science and technology, replacing Deputy Provost for Science and Technology Hohenberg. Barbara Shailor, director of »

ACIR hears criticism of Yale’s links to Israel

April 30, 2003 • 0
At the Yale Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility’s open meeting Tuesday, four ACIR members faced student criticism about Yale’s investment policies. The ACIR members answered general questions about Yale’s investments and listened to a student presentation on Yale’s investment in Israeli military-related stocks. ACIR chairman William Goetzmann also discussed the role of the ACIR in »