Ecuadorian environmentalist Dr. Ivonne Baki discussed her nation’s pledge to preserve the Yasuní National Park.

Ecuadorian environmentalist pledges preservation

October 9, 2012 • 0
Though Ecuador is 2,972 miles away from New Haven, Ivonne Baki, the leader of the government’s environmental initiative, plans to bring her cause to college campuses across America. Baki — the Secretary of State of Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT initiative and the Ecuadorian ambassador to the U.S. from 1998-’02 — discussed her nation’s pledge to protect the »

Local movement grows to provide fresh veggies for all

November 4, 2011 • 0
During a recent chilly evening at the community garden next door to the Chabaso Bakery Factory at 360 James St., Georgina Catelan and Ladie Gomez are hard at work weeding and trimming crops. Meanwhile, their daughters, from toddler to preteen, run along rows of tomato and cilantro plants. Regular participants in the Fair Haven Community »

Global Grounds builds alternative social space

October 12, 2011 • 0
Hands gripping game pieces and Cheez-Its, students gather around two rows of tables in the Dwight Hall common room. Their soft conversation fills the space as Yalies walk in and out, some lingering to watch a game of Apples to Apples. At the far end of the room, others select from a spread of snack »

David Berray ’84

September 9, 2011 • 0
Whether scaling Mt. Fuji or taking paternity leave for the birth of his two children, Lauren, 12, and Lachlan, 10, David Berray ’84 had boundless energy. “He is an interesting balance of being a studious, hard-working person who likes to play hard as well,” said close friend Sara Cavendish ’84. A decade after Berray’s death, »

Chairigami sets up on York

September 2, 2011 • 0
Watch out, Ikea. Zach Rotholz ’11, the founder and owner of Chairigami, a company that sells furniture made with only cardboard, is challenging people to rethink furniture, one chair at a time. Chairigami, named for its multifunctional furniture pieces that fold into different shapes, has become the new, but temporary, neighbor to Yorkside Pizza, opened »

YCC | James Campbell ’13, events director

April 10, 2011 • 1
As current Spring Fling Chair and YCC representative, James Campbell ’13 has been working to improve student musical events on campus, and expanding these opportunities is one of his main goals as next year’s YCC events director. In the coming year, Campbell said he hopes to work with students and administrators alike to enrich campus »

Kristof talks discrimination, women’s rights

April 6, 2011 • 7
In any 10-year period, the number of girls who die as a result of gender discrimination worldwide is greater than the victim count of all the genocides in the twentieth century, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof said in a Tuesday guest lecture. Kristof, who writes a column about international development for the New York Times, »

Bill to adjust student financing

March 31, 2011 • 0
Amidst the state budget crisis, a new bill seeks to reform the current system of school funding so that the state education funds would follow the student. The state legislature held a public hearing last Thursday during which the majority of the 101 advocacy groups, parents and students from local schools, such as Common Ground »

‘Spring Break in New Haven’ a success

March 22, 2011 • 0
New Haven might not be filled with palm trees and cocktails, but some Yalies this spring break found that New Haven has its own type of fun attractions and highlights. A record 23 participants took part in a week of service activities that ran from March 5-11 under the program “Spring Break in New Haven,” »

City hosts recycling competition

February 17, 2011 • 1
While Yale students get their game face on for Recyclemania, the national intercollegiate recycling competition currently taking place, New Haven has already hosted its own version. Between Oct. 28 and Jan. 28, the New Haven Office of Sustainability held a competition between different trash-pickup routes for the highest recycling rate — the percentage of items »

Shizzlr moves to Science Park

January 24, 2011 • 1
Move over, Mark Zuckerberg. Up-and-comers Keith Bessette and Nick Jaensch, co-founders of Shizzlr, an online social planning program, have upgraded from a dorm room startup to an office in Science Park at Yale. The site is one of several locations offered to Shizzlr by the CTech Incubator Program, which provides technology entrepreneurs with office spaces »

City job center hosts career week

January 18, 2011 • 1
New Haven Promise is not the only initiative working to help New Haven’s disadvantaged youth achieve success. The New Haven Job Corps Center has expanded its usual career fairs program to include “Career Week,” a program that teaches students how to promote themselves to potential employers. In an attempt to offer practical vocational training to »