Cantabs get chance to drunk dial

On the bottom of a sheet of paper given to Harvard students with the schedule of events for the Harvard-Yale weekend — a map of Yale’s campus and emergency contacts — was a single sentence that read, “If you are arrested on Saturday by the New Haven or Yale Police and need to speak to […]


School spirit explodes for The Game

Over a thousand people pack Woolsey Hall at 11:59 p.m. each Halloween. Many more stand shivering in the stands of Harvard Stadium every other November while watching The Game. Hundreds of students run singing across campus each September, tapping different freshmen into the ranks of their a cappella groups. On these occasions, school spirit seems […]


Fleschner ’01 tells tale of Eli hockey in ‘Bulldogs on Ice’

When Daniel Fleschner ’01 was a little boy, he did what many little boys do — he pretended to be the sportscaster for many of the games he watched on television, announcing the play-by-play and adding his own two cents. Yet Fleschner’s desire to communicate his love of sports with others did not end when […]

Measures for security differ at urban Ivies

On any given tour, tour guide Austin Broussard ’06 never fails to mention security to the 30 or 40 people he is showing around campus. He points out the blue phones, talks about the escort service and the minibus, and describes the cooperation between the Yale and New Haven police. But campus security is not […]


Despite restrictions, interest in study abroad is stable

In just a few minutes, the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 drastically changed the lives of many Americans. Not only were thousands of people murdered and not only was an international landmark destroyed, but the nation’s sense of security was threatened; Americans’ views of the world changed. Perhaps, then, it does not seem unreasonable […]

Short Feature

‘Sogno’ dreams of commercial success

Krista Flynn has always dreamed of opening a store of her own. So when it became possible for her to open her first boutique, she decided to name it “Sogno,” which means “dream” in Italian. After much anticipation, Sogno, Boutique of Dreams, opened Friday afternoon with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and press conference. The […]


Students outraged over Ghettopoly

In Monopoly, a chance card might tell you to pass “Go.” But in Ghettopoly, a “Hustle” card may instruct you to go “straight to Cheap Tricks Ave.” A spoof on Monopoly, Ghettopoly has been available since September both online and in stores across the country — including Urban Outfitters on Broadway. But the game has […]


Shoeless in Seattle, and now at Yale

As Sofia Fenner ’07 and her mother trudged up four flights of stairs to her room in Durfee Hall on move-in-day, Fenner, as usual, was paying a great deal attention to where she was walking. Of course, all the freshmen were probably paying a lot of attention to where they were going too, right? So […]

Short Feature

Elm Street’s Yankee Doodle to open doors until 11 p.m.

After a temporary break from tradition, the Yankee Doodle restaurant on Elm Street put smiles on the faces of its most loyal fans when it resumed its extended hours last Wednesday. The restaurant, known affectionately as “the Doodle,” cut back its hours nearly two years ago after its former owner, Lewis Beckwith, became ill. But […]


Spotlight on: Ranidu Lankage

As I prepared for my interview with Ranidu Lankage ’05, I placed my reporter’s notebook and pencil in my bag and was on my way. But then I stopped. Should I have brought a separate sheet of paper so I could get his autograph? After all, if I were a teenage Sri Lankan girl, I […]

Short Feature

Reach Out provides alternate spring break

While many Yale students were lying on beaches over spring break, Ella Smith ’05 was kneeling on the ground mixing cement to build the foundation of a house in Nicaragua. Smith, along with many others, decided to turn down typical spring break hotspots in favor of visiting the relatively unknown streets and villages of Latin […]


Polo defeats Cambridge, Oxford to claim Atlantic Cup

Wrapping up a successful season, the polo club team traveled to England over spring break to face Oxford and Cambridge in the second-annual Atlantic Cup. Yale’s squad split into men’s and women’s squads and after three days of intense play, the Yale men’s team faced the women’s team in the finals while Oxford and Cambridge […]