Gym stretches to accomodate yoga’s popularity

September 22, 2004
Maureen Maguire dimmed the lights on the sixth floor of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, as her students quietly found their spots on a big blue mat, sat down, crossed their legs and closed their eyes. Then Maguire, still sporting a sweaty glow from her previous class, paced around the outside of the mat before gently interrupting »

Chapel Street staple to close after 65 years

September 15, 2004
Rubbing her withered hand gently up and down a roll of fabric, 82-year-old Julia DiLullo mentally scrolled through her 42 years working as an employee at Horowitz Bros. “I really am sad to see it go,” she said. Horowitz Bros., which opened its doors on Chapel Street in 1939, plans to officially close for business »

For ’05, 9/11 is an early Yale memory

September 13, 2004
As the wind on Cross Campus Saturday night threatened to extinguish the flames lit in remembrance of Sept. 11, 2001, students shielded their candles and drew support from groups of friends. It was a smaller gathering than in years past, the raw emotions provoked by the tragedy fading with time. But memories of Sept. 11, »

Floridians on campus weather the storm

September 6, 2004
Robert and Hilda Leuver were determined to beat the crowd as they left Palm Beach Gardens Wednesday morning, fleeing the state just hours before Florida administered a mandatory evacuation for their home town. With their dog and their cat in tow, the two headed up to New Haven to visit daughter Mary Ellen ’06, leaving »

Persistence pays off in seminar shuffle

September 3, 2004
Last fall, when political science lecturer Stanley Flink told the 140 students vying for 24 spots in his “Ethics and the Media” seminar that admission into the seminar would be impossible for freshmen and nearly impossible for sophomores, Julia Pudlin ’06 chose not to budge. Instead, Pudlin, having already e-mailed Flink, stayed for the rest »

Saturday’s MCAT will be a marathon of mind

April 16, 2004
This Saturday evening, a number of anxious juniors will come out of hiding. After they have completed the daunting MCAT, months of preparation will suddenly be behind them. Over the past several months — for some students, since the beginning of the semester and for others, since the beginning of the academic year — many »

Home for the holidays: a friend’s home, that is

April 15, 2004
Jeremy Davis ’06, who went home for Easter with Rebecca Rapple ’06, found himself hitting his usual stride as he set out with his usual drive to win the Rapple egg-dying contest. After this past Thanksgiving dinner, Julia Pudlin ’06 found her 90-year-old grandmother out of her walker, nurse by her side, being taught by »

After four, some Bulldogs want more of the Elm City

April 1, 2004
After four years of undergraduate study in New Haven, some Yalies find themselves completely caught up in the academic, professional, social and political goings-on of the Elm City. Others have simply had enough of the long winters, the deluge of rain, and the sometimes less-than-desirable safety reports. Nonetheless, more and more students of both of »

Countries fund future leaders’ Yale study

March 26, 2004
Aaron Beng ’04 did not have to worry about financing his education. Nor does he have to deal with the stress of securing a job after graduation. His responsibility was to work hard and become a high achieving, unique student. After that, his government took care of the rest. Beng is one of several Yale »

Yalies find tragedy, solidarity in Spain

March 22, 2004
After a day of travel and sightseeing in Cordoba, Spain, Sarah Cannon ’06 and Della Sentilles ’06 went to the train station on the afternoon of March 11, looking to head back to their youth hostel in Seville. They were confused when the conductor told them there were no departing trains. Zoe Palitz ’05 and »

Trailblazer Ortiz polices hometown with a passion

March 4, 2004
Francisco Ortiz Jr., chief of New Haven police, never dreamed of becoming a policeman. He did not dress up in uniform when he was a young boy and say, “When I grow up, I want to be a policeman.” Law enforcement was not on his radar screen even as he graduated from high school and »

City overlooks dining hall inspections

February 2, 2004
According to Connecticut state law, all Yale residential college dining halls must be inspected by the city four times a year. But in recent years, New Haven’s fiscal problems have not allowed for this type of scrutiny. As a result, none of the residential college dining halls has been inspected since 2002, according to New »