Prof researches melanoma

April 21, 2011 • 2
Dr. Harriet Kluger, an associate professor of medical oncology at the Yale School of Medicine, published a study in the April 15 issue of the journal Clinical Cancer Medicine titled “Plasma Markers for Identifying Patients with Metastatic Melanoma.” A member of the Yale Cancer Center Melanoma Program, Kluger received the 2002 Donaghue Foundation Award for »

New bioveins open doors for surgery

February 9, 2011 • 0
Bioengineers have designed “off the shelf” veins out of human cells. Yale researcher Laura Niklason led a study reported in the Feb. 2 issue of the journal of Science Translational Medicine that used tissue engineering techniques to create bioengineered veins to help patients suffering from renal failure and clogged arteries. The technique will be useful »

Female butterflies face winter courtship woes

January 12, 2011 • 0
Some female butterflies adopt the mating patterns of their male counterparts in certain conditions, a new Yale study shows. Yale researchers published a study in the Jan. 7 issue of the journal Science that discovered that the temperature during larval development causes a gender role reversal among African Bicyclus anynana butterflies. While male butterflies that »

HIV in the Ivory Tower

December 1, 2010 • 0
HIV/AIDS is a problem, even at Yale. Although Chief of Student Health James Perlotto said he was not able to release exact numbers due to privacy and confidentiality policies, he estimated that around 20 undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled are HIV-positive, and as many as fifty in recent years. Yale HEALTH currently provides care »

Researchers close in on cancer

November 4, 2010 • 1
Yale researchers have crossed continental lines to zero in on a cause of leukemia. A joint study by the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Immunobiology and the University of Western Australia’s School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has uncovered the molecular basis of the development of myeloid leukemia — cancer of the bone marrow »

Gene illuminates the origins of depression

October 20, 2010 • 0
A new Yale study shines light on the genetic basis of depression. In a study published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine, a team of Yale researchers led by psychiatry and pharmacology professor Ronald Duman found a gene that may control depression and lead to the development of more effective anti-depressants. The study, which examined »

A makeover for Audubon Street

September 13, 2010 • 1170
The Audubon District, which has struggled in recent years to secure stable businesses, is becoming a hub of “beauty, health and wellness,” University Associate Vice President and University Properties Director Abigail Rider said. The latest addition is Salon Ivanova, which celebrated its grand opening Friday. The salon, at 71 Audubon St., moved from the corner »
Froyo World has excited the Yale community. “I’ve been waiting for this place all summer,” David Mesham ’11 said.

A cold war brews on High Street

September 1, 2010 • 0
On its grand opening Monday, Froyo World attracted about 1,350 customers to its High Street location. The next day, The Liberry, a two-year-old New Haven frozen yogurt store just across the street, brought in about six. As Froyo World, which says it is Connecticut’s first self-serve frozen yogurt lounge, continues to thrive after its Aug. »

How’s my sitting? Ask the chair

April 8, 2010 • 0
While vibrating chairs are usually meant for relaxation, a new chair designed by Yale engineers has a more corrective intention: using vibrations to fix posture. Researchers in School of Engineering and Applied Science professor John Morrell’s laboratory have developed the Vibrotactile Posture Feedback Chair, which uses cell phone vibrators to alert a person when he »

Cops wanted fiancée’s DNA for crime scene tests

March 22, 2010 • 1
Police sought DNA samples from the fiancée of Raymond Clark III, who pleaded not guilty in January to the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, because they thought her DNA might match traces found at the crime scene, according to a search warrant released last week. The fiancée, Jennifer Hromadka, has not been named as »

Meet Yale’s ‘American girl’

March 4, 2010 • 9
The characters in the American Girl historical fiction series are metaphors for the time period they live in, said Valerie Tripp ’73, the main author of the popular books, who spoke at a Calhoun College Master’s Tea on Wednesday. “[The characters’] experience is a girl-sized version of what is going on,” Tripp said. “I love »

State cuts stall Yale nanotech center

February 19, 2010 • 5
While smaller is often better in the field of nanotechnology, where new materials and technologies are created on an atomic and molecular scale, the shrinking state budget has left Yale and University of Connecticut researchers scrambling to find other sources of funding. When the administration of Gov. M. Jodi Rell proposed to set aside $5 »