CEID classes take root

January 15, 2014
More classes this semester will utilize the CEID.

Math research program to launch this summer

December 6, 2013
To devise a foolproof strategy for bidding chess, a variant of the game in which players bid for the right to move instead of taking turns, you might need longer than a lifetime. It’s the sort of task Yale math professor Sam Payne calls “easy to understand, but impossibly difficult” — and the sort of »

Many “Pathways” to STEM

November 21, 2013
Yale's STEM outreach programs help high school students develop a passion for the sciences.

Y-Hack brings coders to West Campus

November 11, 2013
Y-Hack, drew over 1,000 undergraduate coders from roughly 75 schools across the country and Canada to West Campus for Yale’s largest ever hackathon.

West Campus emphasizing collaboration

November 7, 2013
West Campus has become a hub for interdisciplinary conversation and teamwork that is helping to strengthen the spirit of collaborative science research at Yale.

High schoolers duel at Physics Olympics

October 21, 2013
At the 16th annual Yale Physics Olympics, pure momentum carried team “Riemann” of the Taft School to a forceful victory.

Student ideas sprout at an accessible CEID

October 18, 2013
The year-old CEID has already become essential to technology-oriented student groups.

New biology building to promote collaboration

October 16, 2013
The YBB, which is slated for construction in 2017, will accomodate new research with reconfigurable labs.

Rothman wins Nobel Prize

October 8, 2013
James Rothman ’71, the chair of the Cell Biology department, has been awarded a 2013 Nobel Prize.
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Stressful memories malleable

January 22, 2013
Memories of stressful events can seem indelible. Recollections of discomfort, behavior and surroundings are recorded with piercingly sharp detail, causing many a sleepless night.

Bird family tree compiled

November 6, 2012
For the first time, all 9,993 living bird species can roost on one family tree. In a five-year study titled “The global diversity of birds in space and time,” published Oct. 31 in the journal Nature, a research team led by Yale evolutionary biologist Walter Jetz compiled the most complete version of the avian family »

Yale Opera presents Fall Scenes

November 2, 2012
This weekend, students will be able to sample 10 different opera scenes in just one night. On Friday and Saturday evening, the School of Music’s Yale Opera program will present its annual “Fall Opera Scenes,” the first of three major productions for the 2012-’13 season. Directed by Doris Yarick-Cross, the production will feature students in »