Standing committees’ impact is unclear

April 22, 2005 • 0
Some of them have the ear of the administration and at times their recommendations can be the impetus for significant changes in University policy. They are the Yale College standing committees, and although students often feel the effects of their work, many are not even aware of their existence, much less the nature of the »

What are Yale’s policies concerning alcohol?

April 18, 2005 • 0
While many Yale students agreed that the University’s alcohol policy, which places emphasis on safety over punishment, is the most lenient in the Ivy League, administrators are currently reassessing the school’s approach to alcohol. On the spectrum of college’s attitudes toward alcohol, Yale’s falls to the more liberal end. At Colby College in Maine, students »

Syverud ’06 to lead next year’s YCC

April 14, 2005 • 0
Steven Syverud ’06 won this year’s Yale College Council presidential race in a landslide Wednesday night, receiving more votes than any YCC presidential candidate in history. Students voted in unprecedented numbers overall. Syverud received 1,779 votes — 56 percent of the ballots cast — and 1,181 more than the presidential first runner-up, R. David Edelman »

YCC election voting begins

April 11, 2005 • 1
Voting for next year’s Yale College Council officers — following a campaign marked by negativity and numerous rule violations by the record number of candidates for six officer positions — will begin this morning on the YaleStation online portal. Presidential candidates R. David Edelman ’07, Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06, Sam Penziner ’07 and Steven Syverud ’06 »

YCC hopefuls discuss key issues at debate

April 7, 2005 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. The Yale College Council presidential candidates faced off at a Yale Political Union-sponsored debate Wednesday night, delving into a range of issues including dining hall transfer restrictions, student health and financial aid reforms. Three of the four candidates — R. David Edelman ’07, »

YCC punishes rule breaches

April 6, 2005 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Yale College Council presidential candidates Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06 and Steven Syverud ’06 will have their campaign spending limit halved as a penalty for violating election rules, the YCC’s election commission decided Tuesday night. Three of the four presidential candidates were issued penalities or »

Panel pushes more faculty diversity

March 31, 2005 • 0
Several dozen faculty members aired their grievances about what they believe to be a lack of gender and racial diversity among the University’s faculty at a panel discussion Wednesday night hosted by the Yale Women Faculty Forum. Panelists and audience members alike criticized the University for not making a strong enough effort to mentor female »

Alcohol policy committee meets in ‘education’ phase

March 29, 2005 • 0
Yale President Richard Levin’s committee to review the University’s undergraduate alcohol policy met for the first time on Monday, though Yale College Dean Peter Salovey said its members are only in the “education phase” of their work and do not foresee immediate policy changes. “We’re trying to educate ourselves so that we have a deep »

Frosh Olympics feature new lineup

March 25, 2005 • 0
Muscles will only get competitors so far in this year’s Freshman Olympics. In an effort to include more freshmen in the games, which are scheduled for April 2, the organizers are planning a wider array of events that test more than just athletic ability and that promote community awareness. Whereas in past years the Freshman »

Shins, O.A.R., Rahzel to play at Fling

March 24, 2005 • 0
The Yale College Council has selected three acts to play this year’s Spring Fling on Old Campus on April 26 and expects to sign contracts next week with the performers — The Shins, O.A.R. and beatboxer Rahzel, a member of The Roots — YCC President Andrew Cedar ’06. “I think there’s something for everyone,” Cedar »

Colby College offers beer, wine at dinner

March 4, 2005 • 0
It’s a typical Friday night in a residential college dining hall, and students are scooping generous helpings of mashed potatoes and squash onto their plates. But instead of heading over to the fountain for some blue Powerade, students navigate their trays to a small bar to pick up a glass of Merlot, or perhaps a »

YCC backs sex assault policy study

March 1, 2005 • 0
The Yale College Council called for the formation of a panel to review the University’s sexual assault and education policies in a resolution it passed unanimously Sunday night. The resolution, authored by Erin Carlstrom ’05, Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06 and Steven Syverud ’06, is a response to the University’s “lax and inconsistent” reporting of sex crime »