Renovations continue on dormitories

August 27, 2005 • 0
Most Yalies have seen construction sites dotting Science Hill or elsewhere on campus, but this year some returning students found themselves surrounded by work crews even in their dormitories. Three of Yale’s 10 residential colleges underwent renovations this summer. Construction crews are close to wrapping up a major overhaul of Davenport College and have completed »

LoProto ’02, former All Ivy safety, dies after fall in Spain

July 16, 2005 • 0
Ryan LoProto ’02, a former Yale football star who was studying law in Lyon, France, drowned July 10 after falling off a bridge in Pamplona, Spain. He was 24. LoProto, a Marrero, La. native who was enrolled in law school at Louisiana State University, had gone to Pamplona with friends to see the running of »

Art dealer charged in Beinecke thefts

July 12, 2005 • 0
An experienced dealer of antique maps was charged Friday with stealing unique, centuries-old pieces from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library in a case the FBI has alleged may be linked to a series of similar crimes across the country. The dealer, E. Forbes Smiley III, was charged in New Haven Superior Court with »

Kerry, Bush had similar grades at Yale

June 10, 2005 • 0
In contrast to the folksy image of President George W. Bush ’68, the plain-spoken incumbent infamous for his malapropisms, Sen. John Kerry ’66 was often depicted as an effusive intellectual during last year’s presidential race. But according to newly released records, the two men graduated from Yale College with roughly the same grade point average. »

Yale conducts 304th Commencement

May 24, 2005 • 0
Swathed in their black gowns and prepared to hurl their mortarboards skyward, more than 2,000 students gathered on Old Campus Monday to celebrate their graduation amidst pomp and circumstance at the University’s 304th Commencement ceremony. Following a brief address by Yale President Richard Levin and a prayer from University Chaplain Frederick Streets, faculty and administration »

Administration to present balanced budget

April 28, 2005 • 0
Although some details of Yale’s 2005-2006 operating budget have yet to be finalized, the University’s short stint in the red is expected to end this July, finance officials said Wednesday. Finance and provost’s office administrators presented a preliminary version of what they said will be a balanced budget last weekend at a meeting of the »

Three colleges will not get full renovation

April 25, 2005 • 0
While renovations to Davenport College proceed apace and work on Trumbull College is slated to begin following commencement, Yale officials said three colleges — Calhoun, Ezra Stiles and Morse — will not receive complete, year-long renovations, news that troubled some affiliated with those colleges. Silliman and Jonathan Edwards colleges are slated to follow Trumbull in »

Harvard, Princeton named in file-sharing lawsuits

April 22, 2005 • 0
Yale has emerged unscathed from the latest round of file-sharing lawsuits against college students, but as students at Harvard and Princeton prepare to answer the recording industry’s charges, officials warn that a much larger anti-piracy campaign is in the works. Eleven students from Harvard and 25 from Princeton were among the 405 college and university »

Strike may rattle labor peace

April 21, 2005 • 0
While hundreds of graduate students are on strike for University recognition and unionization, some leaders of Yale’s unions said the administration’s refusal to negotiate threatens to sour their labor relations as well. The leadership of locals 34 and 35, the unions representing clerical, technical, service and maintenance workers at the University, has consistently voiced its »

Pace increases for renovations

April 20, 2005 • 0
The academic year may be coming to a close, but the work of the University’s construction crews is only accelerating as Yale enters what officials call its most intensive construction period in recent history. In addition to what officials called “phenomenal progress” in both ongoing and upcoming renovations to Yale’s residential colleges, architects and work »

Proto urges Wal-Mart employees to unionize

April 15, 2005 • 0
While some of Yale’s graduate teachers rally for unionization on the University’s campus, Local 35 President Bob Proto said state officials and labor leaders are beginning to discuss the possible unionization of workers at another leading Connecticut employer — Wal-Mart. Proto, the president of the Greater New Haven Labor Council, said he was contacted by »

Ballooning tuition presents challenges

April 13, 2005 • 2
In 1940, candy cost a penny, movies cost a nickel and Yale’s tuition cost $50. Today, students are lucky to buy a Twizzler or a movie ticket without having to apply for debt relief, let alone four years at an Ivy League school, said retired business teacher and free-lance writer Marjorie Wolfe, whose chronology of »