Fluff dominates media, endangers democracy

April 21, 2008
When it comes to politics, I’m usually a fan of so-called “traditional media” — newspapers, NPR, national TV news channels — you know, anything with more gravitas than “Billy Bob’s Backyard Blog.” So it is with heavy heart that I call upon my fellow fans to admit what we’ve known for a while: The mainstream »

Future possible for GOP’s should-be candidate

February 15, 2008
Poor Mike Huckabee. When Mitt Romney made his attempt at a graceful exit last week from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, he handed the convention to John McCain. For all his talk of conservative principles, he refused to give the other conservative with a shot at the party’s nod — Huckabee — a »

Doubters should take closer look at Huckabee

December 6, 2007
You know the country is headed in the right direction when only one thought dominates while you’re watching the news: “Another Republican presidential debate, another unconstitutional religious test.” I’m kidding, of course. It would be unconstitutional if the government were sponsoring the debate. Say all you want about CNN and YouTube, the actual sponsors, but »