Wigdor: Free to gamble, free to be

November 13, 2008 • 0
Soon, they’ll cancel Jeopardy, too. When the 2003 Act to Repeal Las Vegas Night Games cancelled Morse and Stiles’ beloved Casino Night, I was forced to consider what exactly constitutes the “gambling equipment” that is now illegal. Should I delete blackjack from my phone? Do I have to turn in my candy-dispensing slot machine? Are »

Wigdor: Make life better; pay for books

October 30, 2008 • 2
Eighth grade was the lightest year of my life. For that one year, my public middle school channeled its blessed few resources into providing students with two sets of textbooks: one to remain in the classroom and one to remain at home. In high school, I had to buy a bigger backpack to cart around »