‘Syriana’ highlights complexities of war

January 12, 2006 • 1
Noah Lawrence is correct to argue that the social lessons of the Cold War, as told by Hollywood, are relevant today. Cold Warriors from Dick Cheney to Osama bin Laden are still the most powerful people in the world. Cinema and other social commentary, however, have a responsibility to respond to contemporary problems while they »

Time to wash away the ‘all equal’ myth

September 6, 2005 • 0
Natural disasters are often seen as a leveling force, proof that all are Equal in the Eyes of God. This is not what happened in New Orleans last week, when a great many people, mostly poor and African-American, were left to die as a result of a botched preparation and response. Hurricane Katrina gave American »

Peace movement is still in Action

December 4, 2003 • 0
Today more Americans are dissatisfied with the War in Iraq than ever. Roughly half the country disapproves of U.S. policy in Iraq. The major arguments against the war have been proven correct: no weapons of mass destruction or weapons programs have been discovered. George W. Bush’s promise to deliver a free and stable democracy to »