Students get clever with robots

April 10, 2002 • 0
This weekend, a rowdy, banner-waiving, youthful crowd filled the New Haven Coliseum. Dressed in team colors, they formed a conga line and danced down the aisles to the song “Hot, hot, hot.” But these high school students were not cheering for their favorite sports team. They were rooting for robots. Saturday marked the end of »

Good fire doors make odd neighbors

March 5, 2002 • 0
Fire doors in Yale’s residential rooms are there to save lives, but at 4 a.m., many a Yalie would rather risk peril in a raging fire than listen to his neighbor sing along to a Disney soundtrack. Imagine trying to sleep while gangster rap music is being blasted from the other side of your fire »

Yalies with piercings: a small but visible minority

February 6, 2002 • 0
Last April Fool’s Day, Marissa Ain ’04 called her mother with some surprising news. She said that she had dyed her hair purple, pierced her tongue and eyebrow, and was dating a 25-year-old. “Two of those four things were true,” Ain said. “But all my mom said was, ‘You’d better be kidding about the eyebrow »

Broad use of meningitis vaccine questioned

January 30, 2002 • 0
Beverly Beckwith had just started working as the director of nursing at the University of Connecticut when an epidemic struck the student body. “It was initiation by fire,” Beckwith said. On April 30, 1993, a UConn student came down with bacterial meningitis. Within a week, two more students were diagnosed with the same strain of »

Externships let Yalies learn from the best

January 18, 2002 • 0
Ashleigh Hegedus ’03 stood by a patient whose ribcage was wide open as a group of doctors stopped his heart from beating, took blood vessels out of his leg, and proceeded to insert them into the clogged areas of his heart. She then saw them put the blood back in his body, manually stimulate his »

Gay studies, professors face rocky road at Yale

November 28, 2001 • 33
Former Yale professor Jonathan Weinberg ’78 said he first came out in 1977 because of a gay and lesbian group on campus that, on “National Coming Out Day,” encouraged students to wear jeans if they were gay or if they were supportive of gays. “This was absurd because everyone always wore jeans anyway,” Weinberg said. »

Store offers free books to students, residents

November 13, 2001 • 0
Clutching his mother’s wheelchair, 8-year-old Tyrone Greene stared in incredulity at the stacks of books bigger than him. “It’s a good thing the books are free,” Greene said as he picked up a book with a Tonka truck on the cover. “There’s not even a cash register here.” In disbelief, Greene searched through the empty »

Forestry school looks to become global force

November 5, 2001 • 0
As Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies enters its second century, students and faculty alike are reflecting on its history, with a critical eye towards the future. The school started 100 years ago as a pioneering school of forestry. Thirty years ago, it became the first school of environmental management focused on national issues. »

Forestry halfway to financial goal

October 26, 2001 • 0
A fundraising campaign for the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies has raised more than $30 million to date, Yale President Richard Levin announced Thursday. The money constitutes approximately half of the campaign’s $60 million goal. The funds will support faculty endowment, student scholarships and a new environmentally friendly facility for the school. “This is »

USAY financial aid forum fails to attract interest

October 15, 2001 • 0
Just a little more than a month after a dramatic shift in Yale’s financial aid policy, not a single person other than organizers showed up for Saturday afternoon’s Parents’ Weekend Conversation on Financial Aid Reform. United Students at Yale, the fledgling student union, organized the meeting to reassess student opinion after the administration’s recent financial »

Top schools turnout for annual law fair

October 5, 2001 • 0
The Lanman Center was bustling on Thursday night, but not with basketball players. On Thursday evening, the second annual law school and public policy fair was held in the Lanman Center. Representatives from more than 30 of the nation’s top law schools and 10 of the best master’s programs in public policy were in attendance »

Rally on Green calls for understanding, ‘stern justice’

September 24, 2001 • 0
As the country gears for war, many people are less than eager to adopt a violent stance against the terrorist attackers and the nations that harbor them. On Saturday afternoon, about 70 students and activists from the New Haven area met on the corner of Broadway and Elm streets to participate in a Connecticut Peace »