Getting heard, getting pizza and creating change

June 10, 2001
The dedication of members of Yale’s student government organizations must at least outweigh their love of “Temptation Island.” This is because many residential college councils as well as the Yale College Council — a group representing the entire undergraduate student body — held their weekly meetings on Wednesday nights, during prime time. Yale students participate »

Election controversy leaves its mark on Yale

May 17, 2001
As students kept a close eye on election results on the night of Nov. 7, few ancipated that they would have to wait until Dec. 12 to learn the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. Many students anxiously turned on their televisions that November evening to watch the results filter in. At first, many television »

Runners race on behalf of children

March 26, 2001
Just as most of his friends were stumbling out of bed and fixing a bowl of Lucky Charms, 11-year-old Andrew Gerwitz crossed the finish line of the Julia Rusinek Memorial Run Sunday. Gerwitz, one of the youngest of the 138 runners, didn’t even seem winded after running four miles in 30 minutes. “It makes me »

After years of debt, Science Park in the black

March 2, 2001
Science Park is making large strides to move from red to black as officials are projecting a budget surplus of roughly $1 million for 2001. This would be the first profitable year for the biotechnology and Internet start-up complex since its establishment nearly 20 years ago. The historically blighted Science Park witnessed a turnaround after »

Yalies land lucrative job offers

February 13, 2001
As one watches Darius Fewlass ’01 jumping around his room, talking about the Brooklyn apartment he will share with his friends next year, it becomes hard to call investment bankers soulless. Fewlass, like many other graduating Yalies, is eagerly awaiting his entrance into the fast-paced world of New York economics. One of the advantages of »