Silliman, Law School may go to Ward 22

February 28, 2002 • 0
At a second contentious committee meeting last night, members of the Board of Aldermen began negotiating in small groups to determine the shapes of the the city’s 30 wards, an early step in the lengthy redistricting process. After its first substantive meeting on Feb. 21, the ward redistricting committee invited the rest of New Haven’s »

Meeting on ward changes makes for a chaotic scene

February 22, 2002 • 0
As she delicately unfurled her poster-size map of New Haven on the committee room table Thursday night, Donna Hall slowly shifted her weight from her left foot to her right and then stared sheepishly at the pack of 10 anxious men and women standing across from her. A few seconds later, the map finally open »

Mayor exerts influence on Charter

February 22, 2002 • 1
Even though state law does not give him a formal role in the highly political Charter reform process, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. is taking steps ensure his interests will be represented when a committee of residents sits down later this year to review the city’s governing document. Sources in City Hall and e-mail »

Alderman wants power to approve mayor’s picks

February 18, 2002 • 0
Ward 8 Alderman Vincent Mauro Jr. wants New Haven’s Board of Aldermen to have the power to approve mayoral appointments to several city boards and commissions. Adding his name to the growing list of city officials wanting to take advantage of this year’s Charter revision process, Mauro has asked the Charter review committee to re-examine »

Mayor talks Lee, labor with Corporation

February 12, 2002 • 0
In a speech before the Yale Corporation Friday evening, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. reiterated his support for Corporation hopeful the Rev. W. David Lee DIV ’93 and urged the University’s highest policy making body to avoid disruptive confrontations with its labor unions. DeStefano’s presence at the dinner comes just two weeks after he »

City prepares to redraw wards

February 11, 2002 • 0
A specially appointed committee of 11 New Haven aldermen will begin immersing itself this month in one of the most political tasks in politics — redrawing the city’s ward boundaries. Although New Haven’s population fell by almost 7,000 people between 1990 and 2000, significant growth downtown and several other internal population shifts will make the »

Report: Yale owes city more cash

In a report released Thursday, a nonprofit advocacy group closely aligned with Yale’s unions called for the University to embrace a “social contract” with its host city and play a more active role in public education by financing more teachers and classrooms. The report, “Schools, Taxes and Jobs,” was released by the Connecticut Center for »

Governor’s budget spells trouble for New Haven

February 7, 2002 • 1
A new emphasis on defense spending in the state and federal budgets released this week will cost New Haven and other Connecticut cities millions of dollars in education revenue sharing and urban redevelopment grants, local officials said. Under a spending plan Gov. John G. Rowland unveiled yesterday during his State of the State address, New »

Mayor: State must keep pledges to city

February 5, 2002 • 0
Despite a decline in state aid and rising costs, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. painted a bright future for New Haven at his annual State of the City address last night, emphasizing the accomplishments of his past term as he laid out a three year “stabilization plan” to keep the city afloat in the face of »

Mayor readies city for tight budgets

February 1, 2002 • 0
Blaming the national economic downturn and projected declines in state aid, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. publicly announced Thursday a 30-month “pre-emptive strike” to ensure sound financial footing for the city. The plan will aim to trim the city work force through attrition, freeze hiring in some city departments, and put several public works »

City officials, other experts weigh in on Charter plan

February 1, 2002 • 0
City officials who are backing the switch to a four-year mayoral term will have both local political support and the weight of several national trends behind them when a citizen committee sits down later this year for its decennial review of the city’s charter. The term length increase, which will go before voters if it »

City ponders major changes to Charter

January 31, 2002 • 0
When a committee of New Haven voters meets later this year to undertake a line-by-line review of the city Charter, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and members of the Board of Aldermen plan to lobby for a host of fundamental changes in the way the city does business. Decrying the more than $3 million dollars he »