McGuire: Where was Levin’s leadership?

September 15, 2009
I was surprised to receive President Levin’s e-mail Sunday night. Our usually reserved president was unusually forward, so much so that I initially dismissed the e-mail as a terrible prank. But it was real, and it sent the people around me into a panic. Facebook updates were unanimously uneasy, scared and grieving. I did not »

McGuire: Take Thain’s name off café

February 18, 2009
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Last week the Yale Political Union voted 49-25 that the Thain Family Café should be renamed. Usually a resolution like this would go unnoticed by the rest of campus, but I firmly believe this is a cause around which all Yale students should »

Point: Foreign aid risks mismanagement

October 17, 2007
The Party of the Right believes such aid is not effective in helping those living under despotic regimes; it helps string along those governments by keeping their starving populaces complacent; and it does not advance the human rights agenda we wish to see in these countries. Part of the problem with foreign aid is that »