Super Smash Continent predicted

February 28, 2012
Connecticut could border the Andes Mountain Range instead of the Long Island Sound in millions of years, according to a new theory proposed by Yale scientists. Researchers from Yale’s Department of Geology and Geophysics have developed a new supercontinent formation theory, which predicts that the continents will next come together in a giant landmass called »
Reggie Willhite ’12 led Yale’s comeback at Columbia with 24 points.

M. BASKETBALL | Willhite makes highlights

February 23, 2012
Men’s basketball forward Reggie Willhite ’12 was not always destined to wear the Yale jersey. Upon graduation from Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley, Calif., in 2007, Willhite contemplated enrolling in the United States Air Force Academy and taking his basketball talents there. Willhite took a postgraduate year because he started the recruiting process with »
“Big Food: Health Culture and the Evolution of Eating,” a new exhibit at the Peabody Museum of Natural History, includes interactive features and displays about the history, science, and culture of food.

Peabody serves ‘Big Food’

February 14, 2012
Shelves filled with bags of chips and bottles of soda may feel more like a supermarket aisle than a museum, but the “Big Food Corridor,” which shows an average American’s yearly food consumption, is the entrance to a new Peabody exhibit. On Saturday, over 850 visitors attended the opening of “Big Food: Health, Culture and »

Mice crucial in autoimmune research

February 7, 2012
A new Yale study on diabetes may enable breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of autoimmune disorders. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have discovered the mechanism behind teplizumab, an experimental drug used to treat Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks its own insulin — producing cells in the »

Halejian ’15 is Rookie of the Month

February 1, 2012
The women’s basketball team may call her “Little Sarah” because of her quiet nature, but in her first season at Yale, Sarah Halejian ’15 is already a big player for the Bulldogs. On Monday, Halejian received her fourth consecutive, and fifth total, Ivy League Rookie of the Week award. And if her successes on the »

Food deserts remain in New Haven

January 27, 2012
Yale students may no longer be hungry for a grocery store with the recent openings of Stop & Shop and Elm City Market, but concerns about the availability of healthy food options in New Haven persist. Following the closure of the Shaw’s supermarket on Whalley Avenue in March 2010, city officials and community leaders deemed »

Hurricane damage to surge

January 24, 2012
The impact of climate and demographic changes may make serious storms like Hurricane Katrina more frequent occurrences, according a recently published study. The economic damage from hurricanes may quadruple by the end of the century as populations, global wealth and the temperature of the earth increase, according to research conducted by professors from Yale and »

Stress causes brain shrinkage

January 17, 2012
A new Yale study shows that stress can reduce brain volume and function, even in otherwise healthy individuals. Researchers from the Yale Stress Center analyzed the effect of experiencing stressful life events. The study, published Jan. 5 in the journal Biological Psychiatry, concluded that stress can decrease the amount of gray matter in the brain »

New research on climate skepticism

January 13, 2012
Learning more about science in general may not make individuals more likely to accept the science behind climate change, according to a new Yale research paper. In a large-scale study conducted by the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School, researchers determined that understanding science does not make people more likely to base their beliefs »

Researchers tackle allegations of bias in college football ranking

December 7, 2011
College football fans disappointed by Sunday’s Bowl Championship Series (BCS) selection show now have a Yale professor’s study supporting allegations of bias and conflicts of interest in the coaches’ poll, which helps determines BCS standings. In a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research this November, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental »

FOOTBALL | Bulldogs hail McHale

November 30, 2011
Will McHale ’13 may have the football gene in his DNA. With a father and a grandfather who both played linebacker at Notre Dame, McHale’s defensive prowess is no surprise. Now, the third-generation Division I defender has made a name for himself in his own right as the 135th captain of the Yale football team. »

Memorable Games in Harvard-Yale history

November 18, 2011
The Game of 1894: The Hampden Park Blood Bath In an era before protective equipment and modern safety rules, players from both Harvard and Yale suffered hospitalizing injuries in the violent game of 1894. Known as both the “Hampden Park Blood Bath” and the “Springfield Massacre,” the excessive brutality led administrators to suspend the competition »