Iversen: Maybe arming Elis is not the best solution

September 25, 2008 • 21
I was alarmed by Andrew P. Clark’s column on the subject of allowing students to carry concealed weapons (“Elis safer when armed,” 9/19) — not alarmed that students might be carrying guns, but rather that the column could pass for rigorous thought. As a graduate student myself, I understand the strenuous demands on one’s time, »

Liberal elite defies U.S., shatters Golden Age

March 4, 2008 • 6
The decades-old straw-man arguments in conservative editorials aren’t entirely appropriate. But we ought to make one exception to this rule: the “liberal elite,” a ridiculous cadre of wealthy trust-funders who seek to impose their unpatriotic beliefs on the rest of us. These America-haters lie awake at night, plotting the imposition of the truths they have »