Former Obama advisor talks foreign policy

November 5, 2013
Tom Donilon, former national security advisor to President Obama, spoke about his experience and current challenges in American foreign policy.

Safety concerns force YIRA trip cancellation

October 28, 2013
After the University raised safety concerns, the Yale International Relations Association has cancelled its plans for a student group trip to Pakistan over winter break.

Israeli gov’t blasts Yale professor’s study

February 7, 2013
A new study of Israeli and Palestinian schoolbooks led by Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist Bruce Wexler has come under fire from the Israeli government.

Anti-crime initiative under NAACP scrutiny

February 5, 2013
New Haven officials have rallied around an anti-crime initiative after the Connecticut NAACP criticized the program for endangering the civil rights of minority communities.

Grad students bemoan lack of swipe access

November 14, 2012
Though graduate students’ meal plans allow them to eat in residential college dining halls, most cannot use their ID cards to enter the colleges.
Dinesh D’Souza defended American exceptionalism in a Friday talk.

Conservative pundit criticizes Obama

October 15, 2012
Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza came to Yale on Friday to discuss American exceptionalism and President Barack Obama’s “anti-colonial” agenda. During D’Souza’s visit, which was sponsored by the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program, he participated in a small conversation group with roughly 12 students and gave a lecture to a larger audience. D’Souza recently directed a »

Professors talk race with Dems

October 9, 2012
With four weeks until Election Day, professors David Blight and Elizabeth Alexander joined the Yale College Democrats on Monday night to discuss the effects of racial politics in the presidential race. After thanking the Yale College Democrats for their efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates, Alexander began the conversation in the Branford College common room »

NEWSHAM: The Palestine paradox

September 25, 2011
It’s not often that the Israeli government and Hamas agree on something. Sure, each has sought to assassinate members of the other, neither of them much fancy pork, and they both thought that the United Nations inquiry into the Gaza flotilla raid was “unjust,” albeit for completely different reasons. But today, they speak with one »

NEWSHAM: Dreams and nightmares

September 12, 2011
We are the members of what they call “the 9/11 generation.” The attacks of September 11 will be to our generation, they say, what Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination or any of a dozen other destructive events have been for older generations. This, we’re told, changes everything; our lives will never be the same. I »

NEWSHAM: Guantanamo diaries

August 30, 2011
Next week, Dick Cheney is releasing a memoir from his years as vice president, and he has promised that it will result in “heads exploding” all over Washington. The memoir, titled “In My Time,” apparently contains nothing unexpected to anyone who paid attention during the Bush years: Cheney was always right, torture saved America, and »

Newsham: The pro-life rhetoric devolves

April 17, 2011
The pro-life movement has become a hot topic these past few weeks. Since Republicans took the House, promising jobs and growth, pro-choice groups have been on the defensive against a series of bills that have sought to limit federal spending on reproductive health care. On the grassroots level, right-wing groups that normally don’t concern themselves »

Newsham: A selfish intervention

April 5, 2011
From the start of our intervention in Libya, critics from across the political spectrum have lambasted American involvement in what is now recognized as a civil war. The blatant hypocrisy of intervening in Libya while doing nothing to address the shotgunning of Bahrainis or the sniping of Yemenis by their own governments hasn’t been missed. »