Mann: Danger in detention

January 19, 2010 • 0
In recent weeks, freedom of expression in Israel has come under attack. Rambunctious police interventions during the weekly protests in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarakh, have caught international attention. On Friday, 17 protestors were detained including Haggai Elad, the CEO of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, an organization inspired by the ACLU »

Mann: Losing the big picture

November 30, 2009 • 1
Today, the Israeli Supreme Court will discuss Berlanty Azzam’s case once again. A month ago, the 21-year-old Gazan, who is studying business at Bethlehem University, was violently deported from the West Bank and now she is currently unable to complete her degree. While Azzam’s story has garnered worldwide attention, it is not exceptional; she is »