Ben-Meir: History, then and now

April 24, 2009
What is history in the era of YouTube? With the Internet providing easy access to endless (and endlessly fragmented) information, and with self-selected social networks rapidly replacing more tangible communities, our society is losing the common ground on which histories are built. History is more than a record of things that happened; it is a »

Ben-Meir: The new ‘separate but equal’

November 14, 2008
As the last results of last Tuesday’s elections slowly dripped in, I was reminded of Barack Obama’s appraisal of John McCain’s health care plan: “What one hand giveth, the other taketh away.” As America resoundingly asserted that race would no longer be an unbreakable barrier to the White House, California voted to pass Proposition 8, »

Ben-Meir: Constitution (Yester)Day

September 18, 2008
Yesterday, families, schools and democratic individuals across the United States ignored Constitution Day. And why not? Certainly, the AIG bailout seems to have more bearing on our own lives than a commemoration of the antiquated details of Article I’s “qualifications requisite for [presidential] electors.” But the neglect of Constitution Day is symptomatic of a greater »