The eternal question: does this game even matter?

By Hillary August STAFF REPORTER Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn’t matter. Or does it? In the exalted Harvard-Yale-Princeton rivalry, Princeton has traditionally been on the fringes, whereas the greatest adversaries have been Harvard and Yale. But whether it is truly fair to say that Princeton does not matter is questionable. While Yale has defeated Princeton in […]

Many Elis break from norm, lean right

At Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity’s annual Mortician’s Ball, the football players who stood at the entry of the raucous event collected an entry fee in exchange for a beer cup. But these were no run-of-the-mill beer cups. The tall plastic cups DKE printed for the party depicted John Kerry as Frankenstein and said, “As scary […]

Abortions are covered by plan, but still rare

Very few Yale women receive an abortion while undergraduates at the University. But under the Yale Health Plan’s basic coverage afforded to every student, any female student is entitled to unlimited, free abortions. Despite the potentially controversial nature of this practice, most students remain unaware of the option. Others are under the false assumption that […]


Profs see outcome of election as crucial

As a nail-biting presidential race stretched into the early morning, it became apparent that the next commander in chief would be determined by only a razor-thin margin. But had the vote been decided by some of Yale’s experts on American politics and history, Sen. John Kerry ’66 would have won by a landslide. Though Republican-leaning […]


Election puts Yale in world spotlight

Memona Hintermann, a French correspondent for the television station France 3, leaned across the table and, speaking with the ease and frankness of a seasoned reporter, expressed her true feelings about Yale. “I think that Yale is a place with the elite of the world,” Hintermann said in her native French. “It’s tomorrow’s senators and […]


Wai falls in quarterfinals of ITA champs

Despite a rough fall season filled with injuries that affected some of its top players, the men’s tennis team received invitations for eight players to compete in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Championships last weekend. Six of the invited players traveled to Blacksburg, Va., and fared well in the tournament, which pits the top players from […]

Despite campaign mania, some choose apathy

In the 2000 presidential election, President Bush took Florida by a margin of 537 votes. But Florida-native Andy Levine ’08 is not planning on casting a ballot in the 2004 presidential election. “Usually, people aren’t mad at me when they hear I’m not voting until I say I’m from Florida,” Levine said. “Then they think […]


In Labs, some say credit is due

Every week, the average Yale student may spend around 12 hours in class. But molecular biophysics and biochemistry major Alexandra Antonioli ’07 spends over 19 hours in class — nearly half of that time in her white lab coat and black-rimmed protective goggles. For all the time Antonioli and other science students dedicate to lab, […]


Baseball beats city rivals for title

The Yale baseball team overcame two Connecticut teams Saturday to take the City Series Title. The Bulldogs began the one-day tournament with a 7-1 win over the University of New Haven and closed out the series by defeating Southern Connecticut State University, 6-5. “I thought we pitched very well,” head coach John Stuper said. “We […]

Doc tackles disease, returns to field

There are not many people who liken football to oncology, but Dr. Brian Lally is one of the few who does. Now the chief oncology resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the official videographer for the Yale football team, Lally took his love for football off the field and behind the camera after a spinal […]

Locke ’06 takes on Worlds

The Yale swim team does not begin competition for another month, but Kieran Locke ’06 already has a few races under his belt. Locke, representing the U.S. Virgin Islands, competed at the World Swimming Championship in Indianapolis this weekend. Over the course of the five-day meet, which ended yesterday, Locke competed in the 50-meter backstroke, […]

Eli will swim at world meet

Yale swimmer Kieran Locke ’06 will be one of four swimmers representing the U.S. Virgin Islands in the World Swimming Championships this weekend. The competition, which will be held in the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, pits the top swimmers of the world — including Michael Phelps and over 20 other Olympic competitors — against each […]