Clinton LAW ’73 returns to Connecticut

January 29, 2008
HARTFORD — Almost 35 years after graduating from Yale Law School, Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 returned to Connecticut on Monday to reminisce about her years in the state, discuss her platform on local issues and attempt to drum up a few last votes before next week’s Super Tuesday primary. Clinton spoke and answered questions for »

Blazing a trail from Chapel to Broadway

January 28, 2008
Changes in downtown New Haven will increase chain-store presence in the neighborhood but may improve business. Trailblazer, an outdoor apparel store located on the corner of College and Chapel streets, will move out on March 1, to make room for a Commerce Bank branch opening in November. Trailblazer hopes to open another New Haven location »

In age of e-learning, Yale’s peers open classrooms to public

January 23, 2008
With the rising popularity of online academic resources available to the public, all that is necessary now to sit in on an Ivy League lecture or compare notes with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduate is a computer and an Internet connection. Recent years have seen the rise of e-learning opportunities offered by the nation’s »

Dr. Katz weighs in on weight loss

January 16, 2008
Hardly two weeks into 2008, many students’ New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get healthy are likely to begin fading with the advent of late-night cravings and busy shopping-period schedules. The News asked nationally recognized nutrition and weight-maintenance expert David Katz how students can establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Katz is a »

Curriculum reform may impact Elm City schools

November 29, 2007
New Haven public high schools may be forced to reform their curricula and increase their graduation requirements if a proposal from the Connecticut Department of Education is passed by the legislature. The plan, which was first presented to the public Nov. 7, is intended to increase the rigor of the curriculum and provide students with »

Mattison LAW ’68, known for honesty, ousted in upset

November 15, 2007
Rebuking constituents who “sit on their butts” when it comes to political activism may not have been the best campaign strategy for outgoing Ward 10 Alderman Edward Mattison LAW ’68. Mattison, who was upset in his bid for reelection by Green Party candidate Allan Brison on Nov. 6, was criticized by some Ward 10 residents »

New city dept. to focus on youth

October 24, 2007
New Haven’s newly created Department of Youth will combat rising incidents of violence among youth and give them an unprecedented level of access to community resources, city officials said. The Department of Youth — which was approved last week by the Board of Aldermen finance committee — will consolidate oversight of the city’s many community- »

Faculty, alums discuss Univ.’s green efforts

October 19, 2007
Yale faculty and alumni turned up the heat Thursday at a conference targeting reform of the University’s energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices. Yale faculty and alumni recommended strategies for environmental sustainability at “The Greening of Yale and Beyond” Symposium, held Thursday at Battell Chapel. Conference participants came together to present a series of lectures outlining »

Campus grassroots snubs Edwards

October 17, 2007
In early primary voting states across the country — from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina — former Sen. John Edwards has built his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on grassroots support among the rank-and-file party faithful. But at Yale, the grassroots are looking elsewhere. While some students interviewed said they are supporting »

Female world fellows talk gender

October 10, 2007
Yale’s nine female world fellows took a break from their work Tuesday night to discuss the interrelation of their sex and their careers. The event, co-sponsored by the Women Faculty Forum and the World Fellows Program, attracted both male and female members of the Yale community to Betts House. The fellows focused on the relationship »

Shooting crime rate on the rise

October 3, 2007
While overall crime is down 7 percent from last year, the rate of non-fatal shootings is at the highest point in years, New Haven city officials announced Tuesday. The city’s greatest drop in crime was in non-firearm violent crime, down 10 percent from last year, Mayor John DeStefano, Jr. said at a press conference yesterday. »

Author discusses elitism, class

September 25, 2007
Author and journalist Daniel Brook ’00 criticized what he described as a disturbing trend at Yale on Monday, saying that inequalities in higher education are having a serious impact on the lives of those entering the workforce. At a Davenport College Master’s Tea, Brook spoke about his recent book, “The Trap: Selling Out to Stay »